Friday, December 13, 2019


President Trump's desire to accomplish something major as president has resulted in the near-passage of the dangerous USMCA. Dr. Duke saysTrump has "caved into progressive Democrats. You have given them what they wanted." Dr. Duke points out that during the Democrats press conference, they never once talked about actual trade -- rather, they focused on issues like open borders and environmentalism, and this should scare you because now we have one more centralized authority telling us what we can and can't do in regards to these issues. Download the USMCA Index here: Visit our STOP the USMCA Action page:

Exposing the Democrats' USCMA Changes

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the United States Mexico Canada Agreement “infinitely better” than the original negotiated deal, once the Democratic working group got its claws into it. So let’s take a look at what they did. We predict that the Deep State globalists will use the USMCA as a way to usher in a similar union here in North America. The North American Union will eventually sweep away your God-given rights and replace them with world government-approved rights that can be revoked at any time. The United Nations Charter is a great example of this. If socialist Democrats, the socialist government of Canada, and Mexican Marxist and Leninist politicians all support the USMCA, it cannot possibly be a win for America or beneficial to America’s independence and national sovereignty. Please contact Congress now and let them know to stop the USMCA and save American independence. Action Items: 1. Contact Congress to tell them to stop the USMCA: 2. Watch Rep. Pelosi’s USMCA news conference: 3. Subscribe to our news alerts: ▶️ More Related Videos - - -

Mexico Leaks USMCA True Purpose

After House Speaker Pelosi’s news conference on the United States Mexico Canada Agreement, representatives from the three countries met in Mexico to sign the updated agreement. While Pelosi, her working group, and other supporters of this agreement will positively spin all these changes, they won’t tell you the true purpose of the agreement. And it’s not about getting a better deal, either. However, believe it or not, the President of Mexico has revealed the USMCA’s true purpose on more than one occasion. Just after yesterday’s signing ceremony, he said, “With development cooperation, which will be possible with this agreement, the unity of the Americas, the unity of our continent, the unity of all countries, the peoples of our America, the America that saw Abraham Lincoln born and of the America that saw Benito Juarez born, we have this agreement with North America, without turning our backs on our America.” Unity of our continent. The three North American countries are about as far apart in their governing systems as they could be. But after the USMCA, they will be much closer. The North American Union will be one step closer with the passage of the USMCA. Please contact Congress now and let them know to stop the USMCA and save American independence. Action Items: 1. Watch Rep. Pelosi’s USMCA news conference: 2. Contact Congress to tell them to stop the USMCA: 3. Subscribe to our news alerts: ▶️ More Related Videos - - -
USMCA Exposed: Towards a North American Union
Following the United States, Mexico, and Canada’s signing of the “progressive” Protocol of Amendments to the USMCA, on December 10, 2019, The New American’s Christian Gomez exposes how the actual purpose of the trade scheme is to integrate the region into a North American Union (NAU).
"Even though President Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto signed the USMCA last year, it has yet to be implemented. Thankfully, this means that the U.S. Congress can still reject the deal. The USMCA is an expansion of NAFTA and will lead us to an EU styled North American Union (NAU)."
"A NAU would further integrate the economies of Mexico, Canada, and the United States, stripping the U.S. of major political decisions and demolishing our sovereignty. With momentum building for a swift passage of the USMCA, it is up to us to educate our peers and Congress."

Globalist Companies Pushing USMCA

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce announces the creation of the “USMCA Coalition” as its largest lobbying effort to convince both Congress and the American people to support the USMCA to economically integrate North America into a “trading bloc” like the European Union.

USMCA has Moved Way to the Left

As of December 10, 2019 the USMCA has been officially amended and signed by all three countries. Find out what both the Democrats and Republicans are saying about this newly amended USMCA. The USMCA is dangerously close to being passed and requires your immediate action! Take Action! 1. Contact Congress: 2. USMCA Issues Index: 3. Send an email: ▶️ More Related Videos - - -

USMCA: 5 Things You Won't Hear