Saturday, October 19, 2019


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
How can anyone forget that Canada passed “anti-Islamophobia” motion M-103 in Parliament in March 2017, which led to a $23,000,000 taxpayer funded document titled: Taking Action Against Systemic Racism and Religious Discrimination Which Includes Islamophobia.” The document includes stipulations for monitoring citizens for compliance.
Merely criticizing Islam in Canada and elsewhere is deemed to be “Islamophobic” and is a punishable offense. There are no such penalties for criticizing Jews or Zionism, or for calling for the obliteration of Jewish state of Israel “from the River to the Sea.” This is clear from the annual public hatefest against Jews, Zionists and Israel on Al Quds Day. But what about going further andspitting at Jews? Yes, you read right: spitting. At York University, Arab and Muslim students began “swearing profanity all over the place” and spitting at Jewish students because they displayed a Zionism sign earlier in October. “Security had to break up angry Palestinian mobs throughout the day because they were screaming at and intimidating Jews.” But was that not enough hatred to get members of the “mob” charged? Spitting is assault, and we all know that York University — and society at large — would never tolerate such abuse against Muslims; nor should they. In that event, Prime Minister Trudeau would likely intervene. But why is this abuse tolerated against Jews?
Arrests should have been made and expulsions carried out by York University.
It’s also tolerated in Canada to wave Hizballah flags, including a sign that was brandished in downtown Toronto which threatened to massacre Jews. Silence is agreement. Denial and apathy contributed to the Holocaust (a combined effort between the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler), and that same denial and apathy is allowing a genocide against Christians in the Middle East and Africa by jihadists.
In another recent case of Islamic anti-Semitism, a Muslim preacher stood at Dundas Square spewing propaganda against Jews. Here is some of what Haashim Atangana Kamena stated:
“Islam is the truth, because the media is controlled by the Jews. The Jews, the very least, they control the media and they [the Jews] are doing everything possible to demonize Islam, right? So because they are doing everything possible to demonize Islam, they [the Jews] want to make people think that Islam is all about terrorism and things like that… [See] what’s is going on with the media. The media is controlled by the Jews.”
Last year, also at the busy intersection in Dundas Square, “ISIS-like Islamic teachings were freely and widely shared” not long after Faisal Hussain went on a shooting rampage.
Despite Canada’s threatening problem with Islamic antisemitism, if you go to this “anti-hate” site in Toronto HERE, these are the titles you immediately see:
    • Police Investigating Harassment Campaign Against Al-Soufi Family
    • We Convinced an Art Gallery to Cancel a People’s Party of Canada Event in Winnipeg
But what about the headline: “Jagmeet Singh’s NDP officially supports BDS against Israel“? And where are the other headlines in the establishment media, such as: “Muslims and Arabs spit at Jewish students at York“? or “Hatred and propaganda against Jews shouted by Muslim preacher at Dundas Square“? Or “ISIS-like teachings freely and widely distributed at Dundas Square?
Perhaps the headline “Flags Calling for the Massacre of Jews by Pro-Palestinian Activists” was featured on the “anti-hate” site this past summer? Unlikely. It would have been a pleasant surprise.
Reverberations from these incidents should be heard all across the country. It is mind-blasting how discriminatory the guardians of “tolerance” can be, including the loudest “anti-hate” groups. What about the Canadian Race Relations Foundation that I was fired from for criticizing “political Islam” and Sharia law? Are they all over this blatant Islamic antisemitism? Fingers crossed.
It is hard to imagine your son or daughter coming home from University to tell you that he or she was spat at on for being a Jew who recognizes Israel’s right to exist. It is harder to imagine that this is tolerated.
“Jewish student at York University: Arab students spat at us saying “Jews control the world,” by Jonathan Halevi, The Documentation Project, October 16, 2019:
Lauren Isaacs is the Toronto Director of Herut Canada and a student at York University in Toronto.
On her Facebook page Lauren Isaacs described in detail an incident between Zionist and Arab/Muslim students that occurred in York university campus on October 7, 2019:
October 7, 2019 A – “Herut Canada is at York University! Come say hi and learn all about Zionism!! We can’t wait to dispel myths and educate about Israel today! Herut North America #ZionUnite”
October 7, 2019 B – “I would like to preface this video [see transcription below] by saying that I was told by several students at York University today that I should NOT be allowed to display a Zionism sign because, according to them, the majority Muslim population on campus finds it offensive. Please watch. Pictures will be posted. Am Yisrael Chai. Never again means NEVER AGAIN! Herut Canada Herut North America #ZionUnite”
October 8, 2019 – “Blatant Antisemitism and violent incitement directed at myself and Jewish students at York University today. Security had to break up angry Palestinian mobs throughout the day because they were screaming at and intimidating Jews. Herut Canada Herut North America”
Here is Lauren Isaacs’ video message:
Hey guys, Lauren Isaacs here. I just came from tabling at York University and I wanted to tell you what happened and debrief about the day. We had a good first hour. We engaged a lot of students both Jewish, Christian, Muslim in conversation, changed some minds, educated about Israel and Zionism. We did have a large sign up that said I’m a Zionist, ask me why. We were hoping to engage people in meaningful dialogue about the Zionist movement. Starting about an hour into the day a lot of hostile people started coming past table in large groups. A lot of Arab and Muslim students started coming past and they were angry. They were yelling they were screaming, they were hurling insults, personal insults at us. They were swearing profanity all over the place. They were putting us off sticking their tongues out, spitting at us.I got called a Nazi several times. What else? Zionism is Nazism was one of their favourite slogans they also shouted out a bunch of the regulars viva viva Palestina, viva viva intifada, openly calling for intifada, violent uprising at York University in Toronto. Free Palestine from the river to the sea, you know the chant from Hamas that says ethnically cleanse all the Jews from the land. They were openly chanting all these things. It was intimidating to say the least. Sometimes they were 40 or 50 students crowding around the table at once all yelling all screaming pushing up against us, personally insulting us. York security had to be called twice to come and disperse the mob that was crowded around our table and it was getting ugly. it was getting ugly. I was intimidated. Usually I don’t feel in danger on campus. Today I did feel in danger. Today I did feel endangered. If security hadn’t come I don’t know what would have happened. They were you know 40 to 50 angry Palestinian people who were openly supporting Hamas by the way, they were saying there’s no right for a Jewish state to exist, they want to wipe Israel completely off the map, we’re colonialist Zionist oppressive evil entity yada yada you know the story, classic antisemitism. It was scary, it was demoralizing, it was upsetting, it was extremely disappointing.….