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Standard Capacity Magazines Ban

Standard Capacity Magazines Ban

Fairfax, VA – -( A bill’s journey to passage is typically long and winding, but when you have an anti-gun Legislature and perhaps the state’s most anti-gun Governor ever, that trek suddenly becomes much easier.
Legislation to lower the state’s magazine capacity restriction from 15 to 10 rounds is nearing final passage in the Legislature.
However, New Jersey gun owners are accustomed to a tough fight, and it’s critical that New Jersey lawmakers hear from you.  It’s important that you continue contacting your state lawmakers.
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Even in a state like New Jersey, constituent communication has a strong impact.  NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters need to make their voices heard!  This fight is not over, and one or more of these bills is almost certain to invite immediate litigation.
In particular, we are calling on all gun owners to contact their Senator, as well as their Assembly Members, and insist that the following anti-Second Amendment bills be rejected:
  • S.102 by Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D) which reduces the minimum magazine capacity restriction from 15 to 10 rounds.  The 15-round limit has had no demonstrated effectiveness on improving public safety and it puts law-abiding gun owners at a definite disadvantage in self-defense situations.  There is a reason law enforcement is exempted.  Criminals do not follow magazine capacity restrictions.
In addition to S.102, there are other bills which are also bad for law-abiding New Jersey gun owners:
  • S.160 by Sen. Vin Gopal (D) would allow for suspension of gun rights by unaccountable “health professionals.” This bill goes so far as to allow marriage counselors, social workers and nurses to cause suspension of your legal rights.
  • S.2376 by Sen. Linda Greenstein (D) codifies New Jersey’s “justifiable need” standard for the issuance of concealed carry permits. The bill is a striking blow to the basic fundamental right to self-defense outside the home. It creates a standard so onerous that nobody can meet it, hence the issuance of permits in New Jersey is close to non-existent.
  • S.2374 by Sen. Linda Greenstein (D) would require background checks on all firearm transfers. Again, this is redundant because all transactions in New Jersey require a background check. The private transfer of long guns requires an FID card and the issuance of that card requires fingerprinting, a background check and references, among other things. This bill does nothing except add another layer of bureaucracy and fees to an already cumbersome and duplicative process.
  • Another bill, S.2259 by Sen. Richard Codey (D), was removed at the last minute from the agenda of the last committee hearing.  There is speculation that it is being amended, and the bill would have to pass committee before advancing to the Senate floor.  This bill creates extreme risk protection orders whereby firearms can be seized and constitutional rights suspended with little to no due process. The bill fails to penalize those who fabricate accusations, and it does nothing to improve public safety.
We are anticipating that these bills could be up for consideration in the Senate as early as next Thursday, June 7 2018.
It’s imperative that you voice opposition to these bills.   Please contact your state Senator, as well as your Assembly Members, and respectfully ask that these bills be defeated.
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ANJRPC Calls for Million-Gun-Owner-Blitz 
on NJ Gun & Mag Ban
SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Demand That Mag Ban Be Defeated or That Real Grandfathering Be Added. Act Now or Lose Your Rights Forever.

Action Alert
Calls for Million-Gun-Owner-Blitz 
on NJ Gun & Mag Ban

New Jersey – -( Email Every Legislator Every Day Until June 7.
Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs is calling for a one-million-gun-owner grassroots blitzkrieg against pending magazine ban legislation which will likely be voted on in both the full Senate and the full Assembly in final amended versions on Thursday, June 7th 2018, which would then move to the Governor’s desk on Friday, June 8.
Anti-gun legislators have so far ignored the compelling arguments against this irrational legislation, which will be ignored by criminals and madmen, will make no one safer, and which will make law-abiding citizens less safe. As the battle draws to a conclusion, gun owners need to ramp up the pressure and hold lawmakers’ feet to the fire with increasing intensity. Act now or lose your rights forever.

Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs is calling on all of NJ’s one million gun owners to email every member of the legislature at least once every single day between today and June 7th 2018.

A Magazine Ban is a Gun Ban
A Magazine Ban is a Gun Ban

Demanding that pending magazine ban legislation be defeated or that real grandfathering be added. Click here for the list of every email address of every legislator in New Jersey. Copy and paste that list into your email program.
Over the next week, in follow-up email blasts to this one, ANJRPC will be suggesting different messages for you to email to lawmakers. Feel free to change or rewrite these messages as you wish, or to craft your own entirely different messages. Whatever you do, please take massive action every day through June 7.
Dear Legislators:
I am one of New Jersey’s million law-abiding gun owners who will be turned into a criminal with the flip of a switch if you vote for S102 or A2761 (firearms magazine ban) when it comes up for a vote in the coming days. Criminals and madmen laugh at hardware bans like this and ignore them – the only ones who follow them are honest citizens like me, who are not part of the problem and who are ironically made more vulnerable and less able to defend themselves by bans like these.
Please don’t turn me into a criminal for keeping property I legally purchased in the past, and please don’t force me to destroy, give up, or modify my legally owned property. Vote NO on S102 or A2761, or amend to add meaningful grandfathering that protects the property I have lawfully purchased.
Please watch for ANJRPC’s series of follow-up alerts between now and June 7.
Please also continue to take action on the other anti-gun bills moving through the legislature. Click here to access the NRA-ILA “take action” link, where you can easily contact legislators with a few mouse clicks.
Please forward this alert to every gun owner you know, and if you don’t already receive alerts from ANJRPC, please subscribe to our free email alerts for the latest Second Amendment breaking news and action alerts.

Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs
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