Friday, June 8, 2018



Fallout from Merkel’s open border policy continues to cause huge problems

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Migrant crime targeting German citizens has soared by over 23 percent in a single year as the fallout from Angela Merkel’s open border policy continues to impact the country.
New figures from the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) show that there were 39,096 German victims of immigrant crime in 2017, a new high. This compares with 31,597 the previous year, a rise of 23.7 percent.
“This means that every single day around 107 German citizens were and will become victims of crimes with at least one migrant as a suspect, and the trend is rising,” reports Voice of Europe.
112 Germans were also victims of attempted murder or murder carried out by migrants in 2017.
The report also draws attention to the increasing threat of Islamic terrorists using the refugee wave as a cover to infiltrate jihadists into Europe.
“Due to the refugee situation, it has become possible for terrorist organizations to smuggle possible assassins or supporters into Germany,” states the report, adding that radicalization of refugees already in Germany is also a massive concern.
As we reported last month, 200 African migrants rioted in the German town of Ellwangen to prevent the deportation of a Congolese man who was subsequently released as police fled the scene in fear.
Violence and abuse in German schools with high migrant populations is also a mounting concern.
A mother in Germany whose daughter was being bullied by Muslim students because she was blonde, Christian and didn’t wear a headscarf was told by the headmaster of a school in Frankfurt to cover her up with a hijab.
Earlier this year, the president of Germany’s Teachers Association warned that schools with over 70% migrant students are spiraling out of control, with attacks on female teachers and Jewish students becoming commonplace.
Heinz-Peter Meidinger told BILD that a story in Berlin about Muslim migrant students circulating ISIS beheading videos was not a lone case and that such propaganda is “spreading like wildfire”.
In a related story, a Jewish teenager was abused by a group of Arab Muslims on a train in Berlin on Saturday for listening to Hebrew-language.
“Berlin is our city now and here we do not listen to dirty Jewish music,” the gang reportedly told the teen.
“If I had a knife, I would have killed you…. if I see you again, you are finished,” one of the Muslims is said to have added.
As we document in the video below (which is banned in Germany), rather than directly address the multitude of problems that importing around 2 million “refugees” has caused the country, German authorities appear more intent on brainwashing and coercing their population into accepting the new reality with passive compliance.


Germany: Antifa fascists disrupt, force cancellation of university event on Islamization

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Yet again we see it. In The Coming of the Third Reich, historian Richard J. Evans explains how, in the early days of National Socialist Germany, Stormtroopers (Brownshirts) “organized campaigns against unwanted professors in the local newspapers [and] staged mass disruptions of their lectures.” To express dissent from Nazi positions became a matter of taking one’s life into one’s hands. The idea of people of opposing viewpoints airing their disagreements in a civil and mutually respectful manner was gone. One was a Nazi, or one was silent (and fearful).
Today’s fascists call themselves “anti-fascists.” Just like the Nazis, they are totalitarian: they are determined not to allow their opponents to murmur the slightest whisper of dissent. Forcibly suppressing the speech of someone with whom one disagrees is a quintessentially fascist act.
These fascists will target you for destruction if you oppose jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression of women and others.
“POL-PPMZ: disruption of an event,” translated from “POL-PPMZ: Störung einer Veranstaltung,” Presse Portal, June 5, 2018 (thanks to Searchlight Germany):
Mainz (ots) – The University of Mainz today held an event on “Islamization and anti-racist appeasement.” This planned event was disturbed by a group of about 30 people around 6:10PM, so the police were called to it. The protesters held up banners and loudly expressed their displeasure. The organizer canceled the event due to the incident. The police subsequently monitored the exit of the protesters and those attending the event. In one case, there was a dispute between two people, which was settled. One of the participants refused to have his personal details taken, so he was taken to the police station. While on the way there, he tried to kick the head of the driver of the patrol car, but failed. The man was, after his personal details were taken, was released.