Friday, June 22, 2018


QUOTES: "Vargas came out as gay during his senior year of high school in 1999, a decision he later described as "less daunting than coming out about my legal status". He spoke out against the Defense of Marriage Act, calling it an immigration issue that disadvantages people similar to him from "marry[ing] my way into citizenship like straight people can".
In 2015, Vargas was named one of Out Magazine's "Out100", which celebrates 100 compelling people who have had a hand in moving forward LGBTQ rights. 
In 2016, Vargas received the José Esteban Muñoz award from CLAGS: The Center for LGBTQ Studies which is an award given to an individual who for promotes Queer Studies in their work or activism."
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
In yet another move serving to diminish our sense of nationhood, a school in California will be named after an illegal alien.
The school, in Mountain View, will bear the name of one Jose Antonio Vargas. Vargas came to the United States in 1993 at age 12 and has committed numerous felonies (using fraudulent documents), including claiming on I-9 forms to be an American citizen so that he could get various jobs, such as with the Washington Post.
CNN reports on the story, “‘I don't really have words for how meaningful this honor is, I've been speechless for a few days,’ Vargas, 37, told CNN.” As you’ll see, this is another fib — one thing Vargas never is, is speechless.
Vargas continued, relates CNN, “I hope that this is a school where students and their families feel welcome in America, no matter where they come from.” Note that he didn’t say “No matter where they’re from legally.”
CNN then informed:
The goal is for the school near San Jose to open for grades K-5 in 2019, according to Mountain View Whisman School District documents.
The school board approved the naming last week after Vargas was one of five people whose names were suggested for the new school by members of the community.
As a product of the district's schools, Vargas said he was overwhelmed by “this totally unexpected and deeply meaningful honor.”
“I think every undocumented immigrant [sic] in this country wherever you are ... from the big regions to the small towns, we’re defined by our communities. I grew up in that community. This feels so special,” he said.
While the award was an honor to him, some have taken to social media to express their anger that “an illegal immigrant’s [sic]” name is on a school. One person posting on the Twitter account of Vargas’ organization referred to him as “a cheat and a liar.”
Of course, this is a simple statement of fact, as the Center for Immigration Studies demonstrated in 2013 by providing a list of Vargas’ many crimes. Here’s part of it:
• Vargas’ grandfather and Vargas violated Social Security laws by obtaining a Social Security card with fake documents.
• Vargas’ grandfather and Vargas knowingly altered a Social Security card and Vargas illegally used the doctored Social Security card to obtain employment and other benefits.
• Vargas committed perjury and illegally claimed to be an American citizen on I-9 forms in order to get jobs with employers such as Subway, the Y.M.C.A., the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Huffington Post.
• Vargas created a network of family members, educators, news people, and wealthy business leaders who helped him carry out and cover up his felonies in order to remain and work in the United States.
• Vargas and his accomplices in crime fabricated residency information in order to fraudulently obtain an Oregon driver’s license.
• Vargas even used a Social Security number obtained with false documents to gain entrance to the White House.
Vargas would no doubt justify this, as he told CNN, “So basically, like the 11 million immigrants in this country, I am in limbo land.” Of course, he could easily emigrate from limbo land by returning to his native country.
Then there’s his language manipulation. CNN again: “‘It's inhumane for news organizations to call these [illegal] kids and their parents illegal,’ he said.  Branding people ‘illegal,’ he says, makes them seem less than human.” Yet as American Thinker noted, “First, Vargas is not an ‘immigrant.’ That is a legal definition of someone who comes to the U.S. legally.” 
“And calling an illegal alien ‘illegal’ does not make him ‘less human.’ It makes him ... well, illegal,” the site continued. “That these definitions have been obscured by rank emotionalism is reprehensible and immoral.”
No doubt. Vargas’ preferred term, “undocumented immigrant,” is a euphemism meant to legitimize a certain kind of criminality. It’s much like calling a rapist an undocumented husband. Note here that all criminals — from embezzlers to bank robbers to child molesters — are human. This doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes describe them in harsh terms so as to stigmatize their actions.
But along with our terminology, many things have been turned on their head. In a saner time, discovering that a person obtained jobs under false pretenses would discredit him. Yet Vargas — who lied to get the aforementioned newspaper positions — gets the red-carpet treatment from the media. It helps, of course, that he enjoys the affirmative-action-age trifecta of being non-white, illegal, and homosexual. We should remember, however, that we get more of what we reward. Applaud and enrich scam artists, and scam artists will multiply.
Given his history, it’s no surprise that Vargas is still peddling untruths, now in the migration debate. Below is a video of how he tweeted a picture of a “kid in a cage” and claimed that the government put him there, when it was actually pro-illegal-migration activists who did.
Since Vargas was brought here as a child, it would be easy to have some sympathy for him if he’d simply say, “Look, I was sent here as a kid and did what was necessary to survive, but I understand that illegal migration must be stopped.” Yet as his 2017 interview (video below) with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson demonstrates, he has a very supercilious, entitled attitude and is working to undermine our country’s laws.
Vargas essentially blames America for illegal migration, implying that we must tolerate it because of our past sins. Well, not just slavery but also human sacrifice were once common in his native Philippines, but no one says that the nation must atone by allowing its demographic destruction. Strangely, that penance is reserved exclusively for Western lands.