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The following is the review section from the book Keeping the Kids: How to Keep the Children from Falling Prey to the World. It is a training course for child discipline and youth discipleship that is packed with practical suggestions. Available from Way of Life Literature,

We have covered a lot of material in this book, and it might be helpful to offer a checklist of the major points.
  • Do the parents have godly child training as a major priority and objective? 
  • Are the parents doing everything possible to see that the children are born again?
  • Are the parents living consistent Christian lives?
  • Do the parents have an effective private Bible study habit?
  • Do they have a daily family altar?
  • Are they faithful to a sound church?
  • Are the parents avoiding any glaring sin that would undermine their discipline?
  • Do the husband and wife have a wholesome relationship together in the Lord?
  • Is the father the spiritual head of the home?
  • Is the husband loving his wife and communicating with her?
  • Does the wife have a godly, submissive spirit?
  • Is the mother a “keeper at home”?
  • Is the home filled with spiritual music?
  • Are the children being disciplined effectively and is the rod incorporated properly into the disciplinary program?
  • Is the discipline being applied consistently?
  • Is the discipline being applied persistently?
  • Is the rod being used with sufficient force to produce obedience?
  • Are the children being taught obedience and respect for authority?
  • Are the children being taught to have a good attitude?
  • Are the children being taught to obey quickly rather than given multiple warnings?
  • Is the discipline being administered in love?
  • Are the parents carefully guarding themselves against disciplining the children in anger?
  • Are the children being taught that they cannot sass back or resist the discipline?
  • Are the children being grounded in the Bible? Are they being trained to have their own personal daily Bible study habits?
  • Are the children being taught how to study and interpret the Bible?
  • Are the parents in close communication with the children?
  • Are the father and mother acting in harmony before the children? 
  • Are the parents keeping and guarding the children’s hearts?
  • Is the father careful to avoid provoking his children to wrath?
  • Are the parents closely overseeing all areas of the children’s lives?
  • If the children have reached adolescence, are the parents still in close communication with them and overseeing their lives?
  • Are the parents candid before the children and do they confess their sins and errors when needful?
  • Are the children being taught the biblical basis for rules and restrictions? 
  • Are they being taught how to apply the Bible to their daily lives and decisions? 
  • Are the parents praying daily and earnestly for the children?
  • Are the children being separated from the evil things of the world, such as Hollywood, pop music, immodest fashions, and unwholesome video games and literature? 
  • Is any Internet usage under godly control?
  • Are the children being taught how to serve the Lord? Are they involved in ministry?
  • Are the children in a sound, spiritually-healthy Bible-believing fundamentalist church?
  • Are the parents supporting the church’s standards?
  • Are the children being educated in a wholesome Christian school or home school?
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'Parenting Done Right!': Boy Shows How To Operate Rifle At NRA Convention
Parenting Done Right!: 4 yr old Boy Shows How To Operate Rifle At NRA Convention
This video will trigger leftists to no end
SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
The National Rifle Association held its annual convention in Dallas last weekend, and a youngster named Maverick has captured the hearts of Second Amendment lovers everywhere.
The video, which has garnered almost 2 million views, show the 4-year-old pretend to shoot a rifle, even detaching and reattaching the magazine.

“That is adorable,” says interviewer and big game hunter Kendall Jones.

President Trump delivered a speech at the NRA convention, warning that “Second Amendment rights are under siege,” but assured the crowd that “they will never, ever be under siege as long as I’m your president.”


7 Year Old's First Time Shooting 


Published on Apr 5, 2014

UPDATE: In the light of many recent shares this video has seen a surprising amount of national attention. My daughter is now 10 years old, still enjoys trips to the range with me and the safe handling of firearms. We stay intuitive to her comfort level and desire to continue learning without pushing her beyond her will (think the opposite of stage mothers and honeybooboo). My oldest daughter has been by my side since before the beginning of HausofGuns. She started shooting at 4 years of age and we've gradually allowed her a little more freedom with guns. Now 7 years old, her confidence has grown to where I'm beginning to help her move from her 22 rifles to centerfire guns. This is her first time ever firing an AR-15 style rifle. We've still got things to work on, but I think she did an outstanding job.