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Senate Bill 65 (SB 65) is a proposed law in Delaware that says if your child develops confusion about his/her identity, the only licensed professional counseling your child may receive is that which promotes a homosexual or transgender identity. 
Once again, just like with Regulation 225, the state is stepping in between parents, their child, and qualified licensed therapists to say "WE KNOW BEST."  

If SB 65 passed in Delaware, any discussion (even a conversation) between a licensed professional and a child that affirms his biological reality and helps him align with his faith and moral beliefs WILL BE BANNED (line 114).

Any licensed professional who helps a minor child in this way or refers a family for help outside of the state would have their professional license revoked (line 139). 

As many as 98% of gender confused boys and 88% of gender confused girls eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty.  

Instead of supporting a child's biological sex through natural puberty, the only help the State of Delaware will allow through SB 65 is sending a gender-confused child down the path of chemical castration with puberty blockers followed by adding cross-sex hormones, which permanently sterilizes them and puts them at risk for heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and cancers and leads to minors making the decision to amputate healthy body parts (lines 83-93, 117-119).

This is ABUSE, not support!

The Delaware House is expected to vote on SB 65 at any time. If it passes the House, it will become law. Take 2 minutes right now to send your Representative an email opposing SB 65.
Additional concerns with SB 65:
  • SB65 not only interferes with a parent's right to direct the upbringing of his/her child, it interferes with free speech and prevents clients from seeking their own self-determined goals. The bill demands therapists provide counseling according to the will of the government - or they may lose their professional license. Instead, we should advocate for a discussion that promotes therapy guided by a client's self-determined goals NOT the will of the government!
  •  Many studies have shown a positive association between childhood sexual abuse and sexual confusion. Shouldn’t minors be given the opportunity to explore the idea that their sexuality/attractions may have been forced upon them by their abusers? The answer is "NO" if SB 65 passes.  
  •  Included in SB65 is language that prevents a teen who is experiencing sexual feelings toward a pre-pubescent child of the same sex (pedopheliac feelings), to receive therapy that would reduce or eliminate those feelings (line 116).
  •  SB 65, lines 83-93, says that gender confusion is not to be treated, even though there is ZERO scientific evidence connecting talk therapy to any kind of tangible harm. The American Psychological Association has concluded, "[t]here are no scientifically rigorous studies of recent that would enable us to make a definitive statement about whether recent sexual orientation change efforts is safe or harmful and for whom."
  •  Therapy bans put patient confidentiality at risk. Who would review patient records and determine that a therapist has or has not complied with laws like the therapy bans being considered in Delaware?
  •   SB65 forbids even talk therapy, a discussion, that would affirm a child's biological reality. SB65 positions parents and licensed professionals as abusers. This is how the premise of the bill language was expressed in Committee hearings by the bill sponsors. So-called conversion therapy does not exist in Delaware. 
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Nicole Theis is a native of Delaware, and Founder and President of Delaware Family Policy Council established in 2008. Nicole, with her team, leads the Faith, Family, and Freedom effort in Delaware and works daily to equip and embolden Christ followers to courageously engage the culture.