Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Turkey accused of cracking down on critics abroad



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
 The New York Times reported that
 Gulenists have been hunted and in hiding as a result of Turkish 
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s aggressive campaign against them, 
despite their insistence that they are not involved in plotting against 
him and the implausibility of the charges themselves. Erdogan is now 
reportedly expanding his jihadist thuggery and reach, as his AKP Party 
is said to be using tactics similar to those
 of the Islamic Republic of Iran to silence his critics abroad. All the 
while, Western authorities remain passive in the face of this increasing
 aggression from jihadists of all sides.
“Report: Turkey adopts extrajudicial tactics to crack down on critics abroad”, Turkish Minute (thanks to The Religion of Peace), May 14, 2017:
A new report by the Stockholm Center for Freedom (SCF) shows that Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) government has adopted a thuggish new tactic in persecuting its critics and opponents abroad by orchestrating abductions, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial renditions in addition to the profiling and harassment of Turkish expatriates by government institutions and clandestine groups.
The report, which was released by SCF on Saturday, was drawn from a case study on Malaysia where three Turkish citizens who are followers of faith-based Gülen movement, which is accused by Turkey of being behind a failed coup last summer, were detained and handed over to Turkish authorities over their alleged ties to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).
“The Malaysian example showed how Turkish President [Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan can drag other leaders in his crime syndicate that trumps international human rights law. Corrupt and authoritarian regimes appear to be aiding and abetting Erdoğan’s posse in his illegal manhunt in exchange for political deals and economic incentives,” said SCF President Abdullah Bozkurt in the report.
According to Bozkurt, these three people who were turned over to Turkey on false charges will be subjected to torture, abuse and inhuman treatment for simply belonging to the Gülen movement. “[The] Malaysian government will be held accountable for enabling Erdoğan’s crimes against humanity in the future,” he added.
“Although critics from all walks of life including Kurds and Alevis were targeted in general in this stigmatizing effort by the Turkish government, members of [a] civic group called the Hizmet (Gülen) movement, which is inspired by US-based Turkish Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen, have borne the brunt of this major campaign of witch-hunt,” the report said.
According to earlier reports by SCF, Turkish embassies, government agencies including intelligence services and nongovernmental organizations affiliated with the AKP government have all been involved in the profiling and harassment of members of the Gülen movement.
The report also said the Malaysian example represents an extreme case where law-abiding and peaceful people who participated in Gülen’s advocacy of interfaith dialogue efforts were unlawfully detained and abused before being extradited to Turkey.
 Turkish President Declared Caliph 
Of The Muslim World 
 Published on Dec 29, 2015
As he wrote for Yeni Safak, the pro-Erdogan main newspaper under the control of Erdogan in Istanbul. In his article regarding the new presidential system which Erdogan wants to establish, Karaman desperately defended Erdogan and declared what we were saying all along they will do; that Erdogan will soon become the Caliph for all Muslims. The following is a presentation of the exciting part in an article Hayrettin Karaman wrote: “During the debate on the presidential system, here is what everyone must do so while taking into account the direction of the world’s national interest and the future of the country and not focus on the party or a particular person. What this [presidential system] looks like is the Islamic caliphate system in terms of its mechanism. In this system the people choose the leader, the Prince, and then all will pledge the Bay’ah [allegiance] and then the chosen president appoints the high government bureaucracy and he cannot interfere in the judiciary where the Committee will audit legislation independent of the president. ” Hayrettin Karaman

 Who Will Lead The Global Caliphate? 
Erdogan Or Gulen 
 Published on Apr 18, 2017
As opponents question Erdogan’s “victory” in a referendum increasing his power, he goes on the offensive against his adversary, in exile in the US, accusing 17 individuals in the US of aiding Fethullah Gulen.
David Knight of Infowars reports:
 Nine injured as Erdoğan’s bodyguards violently attack Kurdish protesters in DC
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
According to witnesses, a brawl erupted when Erdoğan’s security detail attacked protesters carrying the flag of the Kurdish PYD party outside the residence.
This is a sign of what is to come. When Islamic supremacists are emboldened, their violence increases. Erdoğan has become emboldened recently — even more so since emerging victorious in a referendum that significantly broadened his powers:
The Turkish republic has always been flawed, but it always contained the aspiration that – against the backdrop of the principles to which successive constitutions claimed fidelity – it could become a democracy. Erdoğan’s new Turkey closes off that prospect.
The jihadist dictator Erdoğan is bent on expanding his powers both inside and outside Turkey. Erdoğan’s temper recently flared against Europe when several European governments refused “to allow his ministers to rally Turkish expatriates.” He also declared that “Europe is collapsing…Europe will pay for what they have done in humiliating and oppressing Turks”; and in response to a European headscarf ban in the workplace, he accused Europe of starting “a clash between the cross and the crescent.”
Now he is so bold as to allow his thugs to behave violently on American soil.

“’Erdoğan’s bodyguards’ in violent clash with protesters in Washington DC”, Guardian, May 17, 2017:
Nine people were hurt and two arrests were made during an altercation at the Turkish ambassador’s residence in the US capital during a visit by Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
According to witnesses, a brawl erupted when Erdoğan’s security detail attacked protesters carrying the flag of the Kurdish PYD party outside the residence. A local NBC television affiliate reported Erdoğan was inside the building at the time.
Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Dustin Sternbeck said the altercation broke out between two groups but he didn’t elaborate on the circumstances. He said two people were arrested, including one who was charged with assaulting a police officer.
“All of the sudden they just ran towards us,” Yazidi Kurd demonstrator Lucy Usoyan told ABC, adding that she was attacked by a pro-Erdoğan supporter.
“Someone was beating me in the head nonstop, and I thought, ‘Okay, I’m on the ground already, what is the purpose to beat me?’”
The altercation came the same day that Erdoğan met Donald Trump at the White House. The State Department declined to comment.
Earlier Trump and Erdoğan had stood side by side at the White House and promised to strengthen strained ties despite the Turkish leader’s stern warning about Washington’s arming of a Kurdish militia.
Fresh from securing his grip on Turkey with a referendum to enhance his powers, Erdoğan came to the Oval Office with complaints about US support for Kurdish fighters and what Ankara says is Washington’s harbouring of the mastermind of a failed coup.
But both leaders also tried to put a brave face on their differences and to renew a key alliance between Nato’s leading power and its biggest Muslim member, partners in the fight against the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq.
“It is absolutely unacceptable to take the YPG-PYD into consideration as partners in the region, and it’s going against a global agreement we reached,” Erdoğan said, referring to the Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) in Syria.
“In the same way, we should never allow those groups who want to change the ethnic or religious structures in the region to use terrorism as a pretext,” he added…..