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Jinping Calls For China Russia New World Order

China: "American Aggression" Calls Russia & China 

To Create New World Order to Counter NATO

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As Communist China prepares to host and lead the “Group of 20” G20 summit for the first time next month, the regime is boasting about its “leading role” in “global economic governance” and building up “the international order.” Bringing together the world's 20 most powerful governments and dictatorships to plot humanity's future, the Chinese Communist Party's leaders and propaganda organs have been celebrating that emerging new world order — and their major role within it. At the upcoming summit, the regime also vowed to work with other G20 members to develop policies that will “steer the world economy into the future” toward a “green global economy” under the United Nations Agenda 2030 plan for humanity.  
The mission of the summit will be to “coordinate state policies” to create a more “interconnected” and “inclusive” world. In reality, a more totalitarian world is the goal. Like much of the language throughout the Communist Chinese-led G20's documents, reading through the deceptive terminology reveals a deeply tyrannical agenda. The term “inclusive” as applied to economic issues, for example, despite sounding nice, actually originated with the world's most powerful “capitalist” banksters and their allies, as The New American reported two years ago following a Rothschild-sponsored summit in London on “inclusive capitalism.” Now, the mass-murdering Communist Chinese dictatorship is picking up the baton, and its propagandists are celebrating.
The official comments about Beijing's growing global influence follow years of promoting what the barbaric Chinese autocracy and its allies around the world often describe as a “New World Order.” If the plot is not stopped, liberty, Western civilization, national independence, and Judeo-Christian values are all in danger. So far, though, top Western globalists and establishment players in the United States and Europe have been enabling the Communist Chinese dictatorship every step of the way. Beijing's role in steering and hosting the 2016 G20 summit is simply the latest symptom of an ongoing process. Indeed, billionaire Rothschild protege George Soros said some years ago that the regime even needs to “own” the “New World Order” in the same way that the United States owned the old order.  
Changes in China have happened quickly, Communist Chinese propaganda officials explained. Two decades ago, the regime, which has murdered more people than any other in human history, was still “kept outside the gate,” noted editor-in-chief Wang Xiaohui of, the “authorized government portal site to China” published by the regime's “State Council Information Office.” “Now, China has become the presiding country of the G20, playing a leading role in global economic governance and in the reconstruction of the international order.” Quite a “leap” for a mass-murdering communist dictatorship that treats its subjects like cattle.
But as Wang explains, “the fact that China has made such a leap in international status is not accidental.” That is certainly true. Instead, he claims it is “the inevitable result of China’s continual integration into the international community, its participation in global governance, and its contributions to world development since it implemented the reform and opening-up policies in the early 1980s.” Omitted from the explanation was any mention of the role of its globalist supporters among the Western establishment, who brought the Chinese communists to power, then built them up as they butchered tens of millions of innocent people. Also not mentioned was the fact that despite the alleged “reform” and “opening-up policies,” the regime remains one of the most brutal oppressors of humanity on the face of the Earth.  
And that oppression — forced abortions, harvesting body organs from murdered dissidents, savagely persecuting Christians, and more — will soon be radiating outward more forcefully through “global governance.” According to Wang, a leading propagandist for the regime, the G20's mission will be to “coordinate state policies.” For Western voters, that means their politicians will be taking marching orders from brutal Islamist and Communist regimes — and China's tyrants in particular. “China's 30 years of rapid development have provided it with useful experiences for global economic governance,” Wang said, adding that “the development strategy China is implementing is providing strong support for global governance.”
“With its economic development and increasing national strength, China has been moving faster and faster towards the center of the world stage,” continued Wang in his editorial, headlined G20: Global governance and [Communist] Chinese wisdom. And with the regime playing a lead role in the mechanism, the G20 intends to usurp more and more influence from nations on “political, military, trade, security and energy issues that concern everyone.” The meeting, held in what Wang said was known as “paradise on earth,” the regime is counting on “plentiful and meaningful results.” That is bad news for everyone, except perhaps China's totalitarian ruling class and its allies around the world.
The upcoming G20 meeting is set to take place in early September in the city of Hangzhou in mainland China's Zhejiang province. With the Chinese dictatorship referring to the G20 as an “important mechanism for global economic governance,” it vowed in official documents to “develop forward-looking and creative policy ideas and take collective actions to steer the world economy into the future.” Why the Chinese dictatorship and other brutal regimes involved in the G20 should be creating global policy to “steer” the world was not made clear, aside from vague platitudes about “cooperation,” economic prosperity, and so on.
The summit brings together the governments and often brutal autocracies covering some 80 percent of the global economy. Among them are those ruling Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Communist China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, Islamist Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, and even the European Union (EU) superstate. All of the presidents, prime ministers, and dictators of those nations are expected to attend, including Obama. Also expected as a guest is the “chairperson” of the "African Union," an EU-style regime to lord over Africans funded mostly by Beijing, U.S. taxpayers, and EU taxpayers.
According Communist China's supreme dictator, Xi Jinping, allowing his regime to host the G20 summit “shows both the international community’s strong confidence in China and China’s sincere wish to make contribution to the international community.” Calling the G20 the “premier forum for international economic cooperation,” Xi touted “common action” across a broad range of sectors. “We should embrace the vision of a global community of shared future,” he added, demanding better “global economic and financial governance” so economic benefits can be “equitably shared by people of all countries.” Also part of the G20 summit will be continuing work on the global tax regime being imposed on humanity, presumably a key component of sharing your wealth “more equitably” among the world's dictatorships.   
As part of its role at the helm of the G20 summit, Beijing vowed to serve as a “representative of — and bridge for — developing countries to participate in global governance.” Translated into plain English, that means the brutal regime is going to help magnify and elevate the voices of its allies among Third World dictatorships as part of what they often describe as a new, “multi-polar” world order. Basically, as the institutions of “global governance” are progressively strengthened, the role of the United States and other nations formerly known as the “Free World” will give way to the brutal tyrannies and unfree regimes that dominate the planet, and the international organizations they control.  
The shift toward this “multi-polar” order has already started. It is especially obvious in institutions such as the United Nations, which UN boss Ban Ki Moon now refers to as the “Parliament of Humanity.” Two years ago, at a G77 Plus China summit called “Toward a New World Order to Live Well,” the 134 regimes involved in the alliance called for turning the tyrant-controlled UN General Assembly into an “emblem of global sovereignty.”With the G77 Plus China controlling the overwhelming majority of seats in the scandal-plagued UN body, such a plot is a sure recipe to quash liberty and prosperity worldwide. UN chief Ban celebrated what he called the “New World Order” at the summit, too.
At the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the trend toward the “multi-polar” world order has also been obvious. In recent years, the Kremlin, Beijing, and other oftentimes murderous rulers of poorer nations have been given vastly more power over the IMF. And the G20, with help from the Obama administration and other globalists in the West, has been working feverishly and openly to turn the IMF into a global Federal Reserve-style central bank. The idea is to use the proto-global currency known as “Special Drawing Rights” as the foundation for a truly global reserve currency. For that to happen, though, the U.S. dollar must lose its status as the global reserve currency.
That, too, is underway, with Beijing touting the end of the dollar's prized status as a great milestone on the road to what it called a “New World Order.” At the G20 in Communist China, building that new world monetary regime will be high on the agenda, according to official documents. “The G20 should work together to establish a more stable international monetary and financial system,” says Beijing's agenda for the summit. And they do not have honest or sound money in mind. To go with that new global fiat monetary regime, the document also calls for the G20 to work on “improving” the “international tax regime” to “deepen international tax cooperation” and “establish on a global scale mechanism [sic].”     
The Chinese regime, which has become increasingly loud in its demands for what it calls a “New World Order,” has for years been working to embed its agents throughout the UN and the broader international order as well. Communist Chinese agents are already running a broad range of powerful UN agencies and programs, including the UN bureaucracy that hopes to regulate the Internet in the years ahead. More than a few UN insiders have expressed alarm about the trend.  
A year ago, the dictatorship's propaganda organs were even openly boasting that Beijing played a “crucial role” in creating the radical UN Agenda 2030, often referred to as the “Sustainable Development Goals.” In essence, the globalist plan seeks to impose a global technocratic system of totalitarian government on humanity, complete with power to redistribute your wealth internationally. “These are solemn commitments made by our leaders, which must be fully implemented,” the Chinese G20 presidency said about the radical UN plan for your life.      
“The 2030 Agenda sets a clear direction of international development cooperation for the next 15 years,” Beijing added in the document. “The development work under the G20 should be in close coordination and interaction with the 2030 Agenda to foster synergy in global development cooperation. As the premier forum for international economic cooperation, the G20 members should take the lead in implementing the 2030 Agenda.” The Chinese G20 agenda also called for the summit to focus on shackling humanity to the UN “climate” regime concocted in Paris last year, which the U.S. Senate has refused to ratify.
The Chinese dictatorship, which, again, has murdered more people than any government in history, has absolutely no business even influencing policy in the United States, much less leading a coalition of the world's 20 most powerful governments to push totalitarianism worldwide. But as the United States continues to be betrayed from within, Communist China's mass-murdering leadership is being groomed to play a "leading role" in the emerging “New World Order.” The only force still strong enough to stop that dangerous agenda — aside from God, of course — is the American people. But for that force to be effective, the American people must be educated about the threat, and the solutions to counter it.
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