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 Communist China Moves Against Trump, Asserts Control Over Strategic Ports
 China taking over key shipping lanes, morphing into Portuguese Empire 2.0
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
The Communist Chinese government, through state-controlled corporations masquerading as private entities, is accelerating its plan to acquire control over deep water ports and major shipping lanes across the world.
The Sri Lankan government, heavily indebted to China, recently agreed to lease approximately 80% of a strategic port in the southern part of the country to a state-owned Chinese company for $1.1 billion.
The port of Hambantota lies along an important trade route connecting Asia and the Middle East, and is a key part of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s “one belt, one road” plan to expand Chinese control over key shipping lanes.

The United States refers to these strategic ports as China’s “string of pearls.”
China Merchant Port Holding Company, which purchased the lease to operate the port of Hambantota, is owned by the Communist Chinese government; specifically, it is owned via majority share by the China Merchants Group, a state-run corporation based in Hong Kong.
The same state-owned corporation maintains an 85% share over a large new terminal at the port of Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, as well as varying levels of control over ports in the African nations of Djibouti and Togo.
After acquiring 49% of Terminal Link, a portfolio of terminals run by struggling French container line CMA CGN, China Merchants Group gained access to the following ports: Antwerp and Zeebrugge in Belgium; Dunkirk, Le Havre, Montoir, and Fos in France; Casablanca and Tangiers in Morocco; Marsaxlokk in Malta; Abidjan in the Ivory Coast; Houston and Miami in the United States; Bussan in South Korea.
Another major state-owned corporation, COSCO Pacific, has minority control over the following ports:  Antwerp, Suez in Egypt, and Singapore.

COSCO acquired a majority share (51%) of operations at the Greek port of Piraeus in April, 2016 (another 16% will be acquired after an agreed upon period of modernization lasting five years).
The Greek government was forced to sell control over the port, as well as control over 14 regional airports to a German-based company, in a desperate bid to satisfy EU creditors eager for repayment.
COSCO was at the center of controversy when the company sought to lease a former naval base at the Port of Long Beach, California after one of their ships was suspected of illegally trafficking firearms and was raided by customs officials in 1997.
President Bill Clinton was tied to the Chinese company that produced the firearms, Polytechnology, after a supporter escorted the company’s president, Wang Jun, into one of the President’s “White House coffees”,  where he reportedly met with Clinton.
Clinton later said the meeting was ”inappropriate” and “an example of the failure of the White House to screen visitors rigorously.”
The cash-strapped (and corruption-plagued) government of the Australian Northern Territories leased control over port facilities in the capital city of Darwin to the Landbridge Company, a company closely connected to the Chinese government, for $361 million late last year.
The 99-year lease raised concern among some in the United States as Marines use the base to train approximately six months out of the year. In addition, fuel storage tanks used by the Marines are situated directly on the land leased to the Chinese company.
Critics argued that China’s port control “could facilitate intelligence collection on U.S. and Australian military forces stationed nearby,” according to the New York Times.
Ye Cheng, chairman and founder of the Landbridge Company, was honored as one of the top “10 individuals caring about the development of national defense” by the Shandong provincial government in 2013.
The Landbridge Company’s website notes their strong ties to “state-owned companies like China National Petroleum Corporation, which supplies oil to Landbridge and allows them to sell it at retail pumps under the corporation’s name.
Panama Ports Company, a subsidiary of Hutchison Ports, maintains exclusive rights to operate ports at both ends of the Panama Canal (Balboa on the Pacific Ocean, Cristóbal on the Atlantic Ocean).
Hutchison Ports is a subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings, chaired by Hong Kong-based billionaire Li Ka-shing. He has close ties to the Chinese government, as does the company’s co-managing director and deputy chairman, Victor Li Tzar-kuoi, who served on the Standing Committee of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.
As of 2006, over 60% of the container terminals at the ten largest ports in the United States were operated by a foreign corporation, with the number rising to 80% at the largest ports in Los Angeles and New York/Newark.


 The Eurocrats say “Stricter controls on sale and registration of firearms, and stronger rules to irrevocably deactivate weapons. The objective: to tackle the threat of weapons falling into the hands of terrorists. Package of measures to make it more difficult to acquire firearms in the European Union here:!Nx87GD.” Who believes that objective will be met, or that it’s even the real objective? [All Photos: European Commission/Facebook]
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
 USA – -( “The
 Czech Republic has resisted calls by the European Union’s executive 
Commission to tighten gun controls in response to terror attacks, 
forcing the E.C. to alter its proposals, allowing for the private 
ownership of semi-automatic weapons,” CNS News reported
 Tuesday. “The Czech interior ministry now wants to loosen its own laws a
 step further, proposing a constitutional amendment on Monday that would
 allow its citizens to bear legally-held firearms against the 
perpetrators of terrorist attacks, such as those in Nice or Berlin, the 
Czech news agency ctk reported.”
The upshot:
The government says that putting weapons into the hands of citizens is the best defense against terror.
In other words, they recognize an armed citizenry is “necessary to the security of a free State,” something the Founding Fathers in this country recognized as a self-evident truth, as do those intent on undermining that security and freedom.
Despite that hopeful sign of moving in the right direction, the Czech Republic still has a long way to go. Per, globalist gun-grabbers in their own right who nonetheless provide an invaluable online compilation of world gun laws:
The regulation of guns in the Czech Republic is categorised as restrictive … In the Czech Republic, the right to private gun ownership is not guaranteed by law.
This means all the usual infringements: Mandatory background checks and training, licensing, registration and storage requirements. Still, there are provisions for both open and concealed carry, “subject to a valid permit (in exceptional circumstances).”
That’s what they’re hoping to improve on, and helps explain why they’re resistant to new outside gun grabs – people who stand to lose something have something to fight for. Many in the EU have lived under surrendered rights regimes for so long they literally have no idea they’ve been robbed of their birthrights, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.
The Czechs weren’t alone in raising objections, albeit Sweden initially squawked because it would impact “sport shooting.” Finland made a more persuasive argument (based on a history personally remembered by some still living) that “such ban would affect its national defense, which relies on reservists being able to train with semi-automatic weapons,” but with the new agreement side-stepping those (for now), their interior minister announced she is “very pleased with the outcome.”
Juncker junking European national sovereignty…
“Of course we would have liked to go further,” EU Commission President Jean-Claude Junker admitted in the late December press release announcing the agreement. Of course. And the globalists intend to keep at it until they get the total control they covet.
“We have fought hard for an ambitious deal that reduces the risk of shootings in schools, summer camps or terrorist attacks with legally held firearms,” Juncker declared, cavalier in his admission of just who was being disarmed.
Globalists meet to dictate where “migrants” will be embedded next.
As “legally held firearms” aren’t the problem, the only logical conclusion is Juncker and his kind want them all “illegal” (at least the ones they don’t control) so the murderous enemies embedded in the replacement cultures they are importing have an even greater advantage. And as we see from “progressives” trying to do the same subversion here, those resisting on both counts are increasingly demonized as haters and extremists.

NATIONAL DEBT INCREASES BY $1,054,647,941,626.91 IN 2016

NATIONAL DEBT INCREASES BY $1,054,647,941,626.91 IN 2016 
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Data posted on the Treasury Department’s website indicates that the federal government’s total public debt outstanding increased by $1,054,647,941,626.91 during 2016. Treasury’s online charts show that the federal debt was $18,922,179,009,420.89 on Dec. 31, 2015, the last business day of 2015. On Dec. 30, 2016, the last business day of 2016, it had increased to $19,976,826,951,047.80 — an increase of more than one trillion dollars.
A summary of this data compiled by noted that the increase in the debt equaled $8,860.65 for each of the 119,026,000 households in the United States as of September, according to Census Bureau estimates.
Furthermore, in case anyone wants to place all of the blame for the debt increase on the Democrats, CNSNews noted that during 2016, while Democrat Barack Obama controlled the presidency, Republicans controlled both houses of Congress.
This is significant, since, according to the Constitution, all bills for raising revenue must originate in the House of Representatives (Article I, Section 7), and Congress shall have power to borrow money on the credit of the United States (Article I, Section 8).
Consequently, even the most profligate occupant of the Oval Office cannot spend a dime or borrow a dime unless Congress gives its approval.
As anyone who has studied even basic economics has learned, the public debt is the cumulative result of budget deficits; that is, government spending exceeding revenues.

If we look at the history of the national debt during the past 39 years, we may be surprised to find that our nation’s fiscal health — in terms of the size of the national debt — fared better under Democrats Carter and Clinton than under the ostensibly conservative Ronald Reagan and both presidents Bush, before escalating more rapidly under Democrat Obama.
An article posted by The New American in 2014 cited as authoritative a source as the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which had released a report showing that although that year’s deficit would be much smaller than those of recent years, there was ominous news. The CBO report continued on to point out that “later in the coming decade … deficits [will] grow and federal debt [will] climb.” The national debt, according to the CBO, will be $27 trillion in 2024. We also noted:
The reason for the increasing deficits over time is simple: Government spending is projected to outpace the government’s revenues. Projected outlays for 2014 are estimated to be $3.5 trillion but increase to more than $4.1 trillion in just three years. By 2024, the CBO estimates that government spending will be close to $6 trillion a year and continuing to grow by nearly four percent annually thereafter. With the economy struggling to get back to three-percent annual growth, one can see that this is a race that the economy cannot win. With a national debt approaching $18 trillion, that translates into more than $200,000 of federal debt for every private-sector worker, according to Terence Jeffrey writing for CNS News.
The dire predictions made in 2014 are materializing. Back then, the national debt was approaching $18 trillion. As we saw, it reached almost $19 trillion by the end of 2015 and almost $20 trillion by the end of last year. We are now seven years away from 2024, and seven trillion dollars away from the ominous predicted debt target. With the increase in the national debt being more than one trillion dollars last year, that forecast looks to be right on the money.
Of course, the continued economic death march into hopeless debt need not continue, if our federal government can balance its budget through a combination of less spending and greater tax revenues as a result of policies that will stimulate business, generating higher profits and more corporate tax revenue. The great unknown is exactly what economic policies incoming President Donald Trump will put into place.
In an article posted last September, we discussed the potential effects of one of the economic solutions proposed by Trump — a massive cut in the corporate income tax rate from 35 percent to just 15 percent. We predicted that Trump’s cut would invite companies holding cash abroad to seriously consider investing it in the United States, which would, in the words of Terry Jones in Investors Business Daily, “lead to an enormous jump in job creation — yes, Reagan-like job creation.”
When considering whether a cut in corporate tax rates by a full 20-percentage points would have much of an impact on our economy, a look at history is appropriate. As we noted in the aforementioned article:
During the John F. Kennedy administration, income tax rate cuts resuscitated a moribund economy, just as they did under Ronald Reagan. But history has failed to record adequately what happened when Bill Clinton cut the capital gains tax (remember Clinton-omics?) from 28 percent to 20 percent in the highest bracket, and from 15 percent to 10 percent in the lowest: real (inflation-adjusted) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per person grew from $38,000 in 1994 to $45,000 in 2001. At the same time, the country’s national debt fell as a percent of output by a full 10 percentage points, from 66 percent to 56 percent.
If Clinton’s cut in the capital gains tax resulted in a 10-percent drop in the national debt, could Trump follow suit?
The key question is not so much if Trump can repeat Clinton’s success story, but if he will be willing and able to do so. This depends on two factors: One, he must follow though on his campaign promises and introduce the tax cuts, and two, members of Congress, including the Republican majority in both houses, must be cooperative and pass legislation putting these proposals into effect.
The annual trillion-dollar increase in the national debt must be stopped and reversed, or economic ruin will surely fall upon us by 2024.
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 Audit the Fed Re-Introduced, With Best Prospects Ever
 ABOVE: Sen. Rand Paul (left) and Rep. Thomas Massie
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Facing its best chance of passage ever under the new GOP-controlled Congress and the incoming Trump administration, wildly popular legislation to open up the Federal Reserve's books, known as “Audit the Fed,” was just re-introduced in the 115th Congress. The bill, sponsored by dozens of lawmakers in the House and the Senate the day it was re-introduced, would force the obsessively secretive and increasingly controversial central bank to submit to a full government audit. But the Fed and its apologists do not plan to allow a real audit without a tough fight.
The legislation, first introduced many years ago by constitutional champion and former congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas), aims to stop the Federal Reserve from concealing vital information about its operations from Congress, lawmakers said. If and when the “Federal Reserve Transparency Act” becomes law, the four-page bill would require a full audit of the Fed's Board of Governors and the privately owned regional Fed banks by the Comptroller General of the United States. In the Senate, the bill is known as S. 16, while in the House it goes by H.R. 24.
“No institution holds more power over the future of the American economy and the value of our savings than the Federal Reserve, yet Fed Chair Yellen refuses to be fully accountable to the people’s representatives,” declared liberty-oriented Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.; shown on left), the lead sponsor in the U.S. Senate and the son of Fed foe Ron Paul. “The U.S. House has responded to the American people by passing Audit the Fed multiple times, and President-elect Trump has stated his support for an audit. Let’s send him the bill this Congress.”

Indeed, the legislation has passed the U.S. House of Representatives repeatedly, with overwhelming bipartisan support. In the last Congress, for example, the bill was approved in a massive landslide, with 333 lawmakers voting in favor and just 92 against. Virtually every Republican and more than half of all Democrats supported the bill. The bill also had majority support in the Senate — including the backing of every Republican except establishment tool Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) — but was blocked by Fed apologists and establishment operatives.
The measure's strong support in Congress, despite a fierce lobbying and propaganda campaign launched by the central bank and the establishment behind it, may have something to do with its incredible popularity with the American people. Polls show that the legislation is supported by an overwhelming super-majority of Americans, with some three fourths supporting Fed transparency and just one in ten opposing it.
President-elect Donald Trump has also been a vocal supporter of auditing the Fed and even reining it in more broadly. On the campaign trail, Trump blasted the central bank's politically motivated manipulation of the U.S. economy and its artificially low interest rates. He also denounced the “very false economy” propped up by Fed monetary gimmicks. And, in a swipe at one of his opponents in the GOP primary, he touted transparency. “It is so important to audit The Federal Reserve,” Trump said, echoing comments made by his advisers and associates.
Failed Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, a longtime establishment operative, hit back at Trump immediately, saying he should not malign or even comment on the increasingly unpopular institution that controls America's monetary system. But Trump was not deterred. In fact, the president-elect and his vice president have both praised the gold standard — an honest monetary system that would obliterate the banking cartel's stranglehold on the U.S. economy. And so, there is little doubt among analysts that President Trump would happily sign the “Audit the Fed” bill if and when it reaches his desk.
In the House, where support for the legislation is enormous, lawmakers also celebrated the bill. “The American public deserves more insight into the practices of the Federal Reserve,” said lead sponsor Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky.; shown above), a leading constitutionalist in Congress. “Behind closed doors, the Fed crafts monetary policy that will continue to devalue our currency, slow economic growth, and make life harder for the poor and middle class. It is time to force the Federal Reserve to operate by the same standards of transparency and accountability to the taxpayers that we should demand of all government agencies.”
Former Congressman and GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, who wrote the original Audit the Fed bill and made it mainstream, applauded his son Rand and his friend Massie for their efforts. “For 105 years, the Federal Reserve has exercised almost absolute and unquestioned authority over America’s monetary policy,” said Paul, who has long advocated abolishing the controversial central bank altogether. “The result has been a boom-and-bust business cycle, growth in government, increasing income inequality, and a loss of over 90 percent of the dollar’s purchasing power. No wonder almost 80 percent of Americans support Audit the Fed!”
Paul, who vowed to rally his supporters at Campaign for Liberty behind the bill, also said he thought Trump was onboard. “While campaigning for President, Donald Trump not only criticized the Fed's easy money policies, he also endorsed Audit the Fed,” the former lawmaker said. “With a President who supports Audit the Fed finally sitting in the White House, Congress has no excuse to not quickly pass this bill and finally let the American people know the truth about the Fed’s conduct on monetary policy, including its dealings with foreign governments and central banks.”
Among other provisions, the legislation would require the nonpartisan, independent Government Accountability Office (GAO) to “conduct a thorough audit of the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors and reserve banks within one year of the bill’s passage.” The GAO would then report back to the American people's representatives within 90 days of the audit being completed — for the first time in U.S. history.
Among the Fed schemes and operations that would be audited are transactions with foreign central banks and governments — many of which have received multi-billion dollar bailouts. Also subject to transparency would be “deliberations, decisions, or actions on monetary policy matters.” Transactions made under the direction of the powerful Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) would also be subject to sunshine, as would discussions and communications between Fed employees, officers, and board members related to the relevant activities.
Perhaps anticipating the oncoming onslaught in favor of transparency, Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank President Patrick Harker, who runs the privately owned regional Fed bank, defended the controversial institution and its alleged decentralization. Speaking to an audience at Philadelphia's famous Athenaeum library shortly before the New Year, the regional Fed boss even claimed, falsely, that the central bank is already “altogether transparent.”
“Recent calls to audit the Fed are actually about assessing our policy decisions,” fumed the central banker, as if the American people and their elected representatives had no right to “assess” the immensely influential “policy decisions” of their ostensible public servants. To understand just how detached from reality and the American people the Fed has become, imagine the head of any government agency or even private sector institution speaking out against transparency because the audit was “actually about assessing our policy decisions.”
Legislation to Audit the Fed would threaten also “the critical independence that Congress mandated” when it established the controversial institution in 1913, perhaps encouraging “hasty decisions to please political ends,” complained Harker, echoing Fed boss Yellen. Of course, in reality, the Federal Reserve Act was not even drafted by Congress. Instead, it was written largely by mega-bankers meeting secretly on Jekyll Island, as documented in the enormously influential book The Creature From Jekyll Island. And the mega-bankers' agenda was hardly altruistic: They designed a federally backed banking cartel to hijack the economy and secretly enrich themselves at public expense.
Unfortunately for the American people and the Constitution, using shady tactics and incredible deceit, the mega-bankers succeeded. For over 100 years since, the banking cartel has had a monopoly on U.S. currency and massive, unconstitutional powers to centrally plan the economy and loot the public. Consider that during the most recent crisis, the Fed literally conjured trillions of dollars — with a T — into existence to shower on cronies, mega-banks, foreign central banks, Big Business, and other friends of the establishment. All of it was perpetrated behind closed doors at the expense of everyday Americans.   
The Fed transparency bill already has eight co-sponsors in the U.S. Senate, and more are expected in the coming days and weeks. In the House, Audit the Fed had 41 co-sponsors as of January 3, the day it was introduced, with more expected soon. And already, organizations and activists from across the political spectrum are rallying supporters to ensure that the 115th Congress makes history by passing into law the first real audit of the shadowy central bank.
The Fed will fight back hard. Lobbyists will be deployed. And the establishment will do everything possible to protect its prized scam. But considering the make-up of Congress, the overwhelming public support, and the president-elect's anti-Fed comments, the American people have the best opportunity ever to crack open the central bank's dangerous secrecy. And then, once the public understands the enormity of the abuse that has been perpetrated against them by the Fed, the work of restoring an honest, sound, and constitutional monetary system for America can begin.

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republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Hedge fund billionaire George Soros is used to having his way. But the megalomaniacal currency speculator and political manipulator bet on the wrong horse in the Trump vs. Clinton race, and even all the millions of dollars he spent trying to rig the outcome failed, in the end. It must be hard for the 86-year-old globalist to face up to the fact that the world is not his oyster and his admitted “fantasies about being God” are just that — fantasies, albeit far from harmless ones. (The BlackLivesMatter riots and the anti-Trump riots he helped finance look more like the work of Lucifer than God, in this reporter’s humble opinion.)
However, Soros refuses to accept that he lost and Trump won. So he is committing a sizable portion of his enormous wealth, along with his outsized political and media influence, to crippling and delegitimizing the incoming Trump administration, with more riots, protests, and media hit pieces. Within hours after Trump had been officially named the victor, the Soros-funded rent-a-mobs were causing mayhem in streets all across America. And while that havoc was still playing out, Soros convened a closed confab of fellow globalist billionaires  at a Washington D.C. luxury hotel to plan their anti-Trump counterattack. They call their plutocrat club the Democracy Alliance, an especially hypocritical label since they lavishly fund individuals and organizations that are working to undermine our constitutional republic (which they erroneously call a democracy).

And just two weeks after Election Day, on November 22, Soros’s Open Society Foundations announced a “$10 Million Initiative to Confront Hate.” This new money spigot will expedite funding to organizations combating the “harsh rhetoric and policy proposals” of Donald Trump “during the 2016 presidential campaign that drew on racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBTI, and other forms of hate.” Which means, of course, that there will be ample funding for the “anti-hate” protesters who will be demonstrating (and likely rioting) on Inauguration Day, while spewing obscene and hateful remarks, burning Trump in effigy and carrying facsimiles of his head around on pikes (as they did in the November melees).
Invoking Hitler While Labeling Trump a “Would-be Dictator”
The latest hit piece by Soros personally is a column he penned for Project Syndicate, which has been carried by hundreds of newspapers, news services, and websites worldwide, and in which he calls Donald Trump “a con artist and would-be dictator.” The December 28 column, entitled “Open Society Needs Defending,” begins with a lengthy lead-in subtitle: “Open societies are in crisis, and various forms of closed societies — from fascist dictatorships to mafia states — are on the rise. Because elected leaders failed to meet voters’ legitimate expectations and aspirations, electorates have become disenchanted with the prevailing versions of democracy and capitalism.”
Soros then “brings his personal history to bear on the threat posed by today’s ascendant populists,” notes the Project Syndicate promotional puff. Soros writes:
I am an 86-year-old Hungarian Jew who became a US citizen after the end of World War II. I learned at an early age how important it is what kind of political regime prevails. The formative experience of my life was the occupation of Hungary by Hitler’s Germany in 1944. I probably would have perished had my father not understood the gravity of the situation. He arranged false identities for his family and for many other Jews; with his help, most survived.
However, Soros neglects to mention some very important facts in his biographical reflection, such as that he helped Hitler and the Nazis confiscate the wealth and belongings of his fellow Jews. What’s more, he feels no guilt, regret, or remorse about being a Holocaust helper, because, as he put it, if the hadn’t done it “somebody else would be taking it away anyhow.” However, he undoubtedly regrets being so candid about all of this during an interview with the CBS 60 Minutes program back in 1998. He must have realized afterward how ghoulishly cold-blooded and inhuman his words and demeanor appeared, and how violently that clashed with the philanthropic humanitarian image he was crafting for himself. For some reason, the CBS video of the program disappeared, and that disappearance has been the subject of much speculation concerning possible legal threats and/or financial inducements by Soros to keep the damning footage buried. The recent mysterious resurfacing of the 60 Minutes interview has likewise been the subject of much speculation. In addition to the recently released WikiLeaks files on Soros, which are decidedly less flattering than the canned biography of the mogul on Wikipedia, the CBS video allows Soros to demolish his own carefully invented saintly image with his own words. For the past couple of months, the long-lost 60 Minutes interview with Soros has been popping up on YouTube and various websites, only to be taken down due to CBS copyright challenges. But, like a Whack-a-Mole, it keeps popping up on new sites as fast as Soros and CBS can whack it down. The long-suppressed interview of an unrepentant Soros admitting he was a Holocaust helper further demolishes his credibility to pose — in his words — as the “conscience of the world.”

During the 60 Minutes program CBS interviewer Steve Kroft asks Soros (born Gyorgy Schwartz) about his boyhood in Hungary during the Nazi occupation. Kroft rolls vintage footage of long lines of Hungarian Jews — men, women, children — being loaded onto trains. Here is a partial transcript of the interview (emphasis added):
KROFT: (Voiceover) These are pictures from 1944 of what happened to George Soros' friends and neighbors.
KROFT: (Voiceover) You're a Hungarian Jew...
Mr. SOROS: (Voiceover) Mm-hmm.
KROFT: (Voiceover) …who escaped the Holocaust...
Mr. SOROS: (Voiceover) Mm-hmm.
KROFT: (Voiceover) … by — by posing as a Christian.
Mr. SOROS: (Voiceover) Right.
KROFT: (Voiceover) And you watched lots of people get shipped off to the death camps.
Mr. SOROS: Right. I was 14 years old. And I would say that that's when my character was made.
KROFT: In what way?
Mr. SOROS: That one should think ahead. One should understand and — and anticipate events and when — when one is threatened. It was a tremendous threat of evil. I mean, it was a — a very personal experience of evil.
KROFT: My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.
Mr. SOROS: Yes. Yes.
KROFT: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.
Mr. SOROS: Yes. That's right. Yes.
KROFT: I mean, that's — that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?
Mr. SOROS: Not — not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child you don't — you don't see the connection. But it wasit  created no — no problem at all.
KROFT: No feeling of guilt?
Mr. SOROS: No.
KROFT: For example that, 'I'm Jewish and here I am, watching these people go. I could just as easily be there. I should be there.' None of that?
Mr. SOROS: Well, of course I c — I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn't be there, because that was — well, actually, in a funny way, it's just like in markets — that if I weren't there — of course, I wasn't doing it, but somebody else would — would — would be taking it away anyhow. And it was the — whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the — I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.
No sense of guilt then and none now. Neither does this Nazi collaborator suffer from any sense of guilt over smearing opponents with false charges of fascism or neo-Naziism, or funding groups that do the same. Nor does he suffer any qualms of conscience over crashing whole national economies and national currencies (Malaysia, Thailand, Britain), causing untold devastation and suffering for millions of people. Besides, a few million dollars in grants to activist NGOs and media groups usually suffices to repair any of the PR damage done by his predatory practices.
Most likely, it is his Deity Complex that prevents him from ever experiencing feelings of guilt. After all, if one is “God” what is there to feel guilty about? But mortals who think they’re divine invariably suffer in other ways. "Next to my fantasies about being God, I also have very strong fantasies of being mad," Soros once admitted to a British television audience. "In fact, my grandfather was actually paranoid. I have a lot of madness in my family. So far I have escaped it." Has he really escaped it? Many would disagree; his madness seems quite apparent. In addition to his most recent rant against Trump, he has turned Project Syndicate — his own media platform — into a non-stop free-fire zone aimed at the president-elect by leftwing “public intellectuals” such as Carl Bildt, Jorge Castaneda, Barry Eichengreem, Richard Haass, Joschka Fischer, Brad DeLong, Peter Singer, Javier Solana, and dozens of others.
The 60 Minutes interview is well worth tracking down and well worth watching (before it gets permanently deep-sixed down the memory hole). Together with everything else that has come out on Soros in the intervening years, it provides more than enough evidence to banish the megalomaniacal mogul from all civil society and provide him with a padded cell where he can contemplate and celebrate his divinity without wreaking havoc on all mankind.
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(Friday Church News Notes, January 6, 2017,,, 866-295-4143) -  
Obama and his policies have not been defeated by a Trump win. Any such thinking is shortsighted in a spiritual sense, for the election changed absolutely nothing on the spiritual front. America is a wicked nation; wickedness is the source of her ills; and wickedness can be defeated only by spiritual weapons, not by the carnal weapons of politics and "conservatism." But this thinking is shortsighted even from a political standpoint. "Leftist" socialism and humanism are so deeply ingrained in American institutions that no amount of tinkering by conservatives will bring fundamental change. They can endure temporary setbacks, knowing that, apart from a miracle, their policies will ultimately prevail. They control the public schools, the universities, the highest courts. They have wormed their way throughout the government and military. The nation has been psychologized, feminized, welfarized, homosexualized, pacifized. The fear of appearing racist, misogynist, homophobic, and Islamophobic has crippled the thinking of a large portion of the population. Obama is not defeated. Consider an excerpt from "Obama Plans to Rule America Outside the White House" by Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage magazine, Nov. 25, 2016: "Obama can no longer be commander-in-chief. Instead he's plotting to become organizer-in-chief. The infrastructure for the organization was put into place long before anyone thought that Hillary might lose. Organizing for Action gave him his own organizing hub. ... Now that Trump won, it's an axis to build a personal counterrevolution around. ... Obama is not a conventional politician. He's an organizer and a campaigner at the vanguard of a radical movement that seeks to control traditional institutions, but doesn't feel bound by them. ... The demoralization of the Democrats is, as Obama put it, an opportunity. Social chaos is a time for the left to overthrow and undermine traditional institutions. Fear, anger and despair are radicalizing. The left has always operated by throwing bombs and then profiting from the fallout. That's Obama's agenda. ... While the leftist rioters in the streets are garnering the most attention, the real threat comes from the network of staffers dubbed Obama Anonymous ... Obama isn't going to retire. He's not going to spend years puttering around with a presidential library. ... Obama believes that he can rule America from outside the White House. And he might be right. ... Obama is not done transforming America. And America isn't done with him yet." "Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people" (Proverbs 14:34).