Saturday, February 11, 2017


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
“Europe is on the road to war,” according to European Commission first vice-president Frans Timmermans, who has declaraed that citizens have to “fight against the ‘politics of paranoia’ and the ‘disruptive forces of xenophobia, intolerance and illiberalism.’”
He goes on:
EUROPE must not repeat the mistakes of its violent and bloody past by embracing populism and nationalism as a ‘breath of fresh air.’
In other words, as he disregards the current global realities of Islamic supremacism and jihad, Timmermans is accusing every European victim of jihad attacks and the rampant sex attacks and surging crimes committed by Muslim migrants of paranoia. He’s also indirectly accusing the persecuted Church and infidels of other religious minorities, and even the 11 million Muslims murdered by their coreligionists since 1948, of paranoia. He grossly underestimates the global jihad threat, the biggest threat to human rights and peace today. The nation of Israel is also victimized by jihad terror, so perhaps it, too, can be accused by Timmermans of “nationalism” and “paranoia.” Let’s not forget the victims of 9/11 on the list of the paranoid, in Timmermans’ bizarre reasoning, along with many others victims of jihad attack. Timmermans also completely ignores Islamic history as he slams Brexit, Trump and Europe’s own history.
The Timmermans of the world, and there are many, call on Europe and the entire West to surrender to Islamic supremacists and jihadists so as to avoid labels of paranoia, xenophobia and intolerance.
The only threat of destruction Europe faces is in living in its past, seeing all nationalism through the prism of World War II’s malignant nationalism, and forgetting the fine efforts of those (of every race and religion) who fought for human rights and democratic rule. That includes my own Chinese grandfather, who fought for the Brits in Trinidad in World War I.

“‘Europe is on ROAD TO WAR’ EU boss in shocking attack on Brexit and rising nationalism”, by Simon Osborne, Express, February 10, 2017:
European Commission first vice-president Frans Timmermans said citizens had to fight against the ‘politics of paranoia’ and the ‘disruptive forces of xenophobia, intolerance and illiberalism’.
And he said Brexit and the Donald Trump’s shock rise to power in the US should set alarm bells ringing across the West.
In a keynote speech to the Future Force Conference he said the European Union was not just Brussels but an eco-system of many different languages, cultures and traditions.
He said: “Europe is a union of unlikely allies. If you think nationalism is a welcome breath of fresh air, think again: It is the road to war.
“French and Germans, Dutch and Belgians, Danes and Swedes, French and English, Hungarians and Romanians, Bulgarians and Greeks all fought each other on the bloody timeline of European history.
“Three generations of French and German young men had slaughtered each other in three wars within living memory.
“But history can surprise us. Sometimes for the better. Twelve years later, 60 years ago next month, these two countries signed the Treaty of Rome, along with four other European nations. From arch enemies, to best buddies. They founded the most successful peace project in human history.”
Mr Timmermans warned recent political upheavals threatened to jeopardise the hard-earned peace across the block.
He said: “Right here, on our own doorstep, our fundamental values are under threat.
“In Europe, we see the return of the politics of paranoia. Fuelled by alternative facts in Internet echo chambers, the disruptive forces of xenophobia, intolerance, il-liberalism and nationalism and are on the march.
“New parties are peddling old, dangerous ideas.
“Brexit, Turkey, Poland, Hungary and even in the Western Balkans we see the return of fault lines in Europe. Not an iron curtain of machine guns and minefields, but a barrier of the mind, between inclusion and exclusion, between open and closed societies.”
Mr Timmermans accused Russia of trying to challenge the European order and feared President Vladimir Putin had too much power.
He told the conference: “We see hybrid warfare, now in Ukraine. Will the Baltic states be next? We see the return of the menace of nuclear war. Russia has less checks and balances than the Soviet Union had. President Putin enjoys more unrestrained power, than Nikita Khrushchev ever did…..