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Friday Church News Notes 
From David Cloud's Way of Life
Vol 15, Issue 7 - Feb 14, 2014

RAVI ZACHARIAS: MORMONS AND EVANGELICALS TOGETHER (Friday Church News Notes, February 14, 2014,, 866-295-4143) - For the second time, Ravi Zacharias has spoken at the Mormon Temple in Utah to call for evangelicals and Mormons to stand together to save America from “lost morality.” The two-day “Freedom and Friendship” meeting in January was attended by 3,500 “evangelicals” and Mormons (“Popular Christian Apologist,” The Christian Post, Jan. 20, 2014). In his speech, Zacharias condemned “pragmatic philosophy,” but that is exactly what he is pursuing in calling for unity between Bible believing Christians and Mormons with their false gospel and false christ. The Word of God forbids such a union (e.g., Romans 16:17-18; 2 Corinthians 6:14-18; 11:1-4; 2 Timothy 3:5; 2 John 7-11). The conference was sponsored by Standing Together, “a coalition of evangelical churches who seek to be a catalyst for uniting the Utah Christian community through relational efforts of prayer, worship, and strategic evangelism.” Standing Together President Gregory Johnson told audience members, “Tonight is another night for us to meet, not as warring factions, but as friends.” Zacharias was introduced by Jeffrey Holland, former president of Brigham Young University, who said that the thing that brings Mormons and Christians together is their “shared love for the Lord Jesus Christ.” Zacharias spoke at the first Standing Together conference at the Mormon Tabernacle in 2004. At that time he joined Fuller Theological Seminary president Richard Mouw, Biola University professor Craig Hazen, and CCM artist Michael Card. The moral situation in America is dire, but this type of thing is the problem rather than the solution. 

THE MAINSTREAMING OF MORMONISM (Friday Church News Notes, February 14, 2014,,, 866-295-4143) - The following is reprinted from Friday News, November 2, 2012. Whether or not Mitt Romney wins the U.S. presidential election next week, one thing is certain: His candidacy has helped push forward the mainstreaming of Mormonism, which is something that the cult has been aiming for since Mormon leaders voiced their support for Promise Keepers in the 1990s. 1997 witnessed the publication of How Wide the Divide: A Mormon & an Evangelical in Conversation and former President Jimmy Carter stating at a national press conference that Mormons are Christians and should not be the targets of “proselytizing.” In 1998, AOG pastor Dean Jackson sent “a former declaration of repentance for prejudice against members of the Church of Latter Day Saints” to Mormon leaders in Provo, Utah. In 1999, Mormons were invited to participate in the annual March for Jesus in Salt Lake City. In 2001, Standing Together Ministries was founded by “evangelical” preacher Greg Johnson with the goal of furthering “dialogue between evangelical Christians and Latter-day Saints.” In 2004, evangelical leaders such as Ravi Zacharias, Fuller Seminary president Richard Mouw, Biola University professor Craig Hazen, and CCM artist Michael Card joined “Latter Day Saints” in an “Evening of Friendship” in the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. (See Way of Life’s Advanced Bible Studies Seriescourse Defense of the Faith for documentation of the previous facts.) In May 2012,CNN Belief Blog published a report on the growing influence of Mormons in Washington D.C., stating that “the nation’s capital has become a Mormon stronghold, with Latter-day Saints playing a big and growing role in the Washington establishment.” The growth of Mormonism in the nation’s capitol was described as “an absolute explosion.” In late October 2012, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) removed a longstanding reference to Mormonism as a cult from its web site after Billy and Franklin Graham met with Mitt Romney. We have long said that it is inconsistent and hypocritical for “evangelicals” to affiliate with the Roman Catholic Church while rejecting Mormonism, as both have a false gospel and a false christ. The mainstreaming of Mormonism is further evidence that the one-world “church” continues to gather steam.

Ravi Zacharias at the Mormon Tabernacle:

Ravi Zacharias at BYU:


Holder: State Laws That Ban Felons From Voting Deserve To Be Not Only Reconsidered But Repealed:

Published on Feb 12, 2014
Three days after announcing that the U.S. Justice Department will recognize same-sex marriages in all legal matters, even in states that forbid it, Attorney General Eric Holder took a swipe at states that don't allow felons to vote. "In many states, felony disenfranchisement laws are still on the books. And the current scope of these policies is not only too significant to ignore -- it is also too unjust to tolerate," Holder told a criminal justice forum at Georgetown University Law Center.

Holder urged lawmakers "to stand together in overturning an unfortunate and outdated status quo." And he called on the American people "to join us in bringing about the end of misguided policies that unjustly restrict what's been called the 'most basic right' of American citizenship." "These laws deserve to be not only reconsidered, but repealed," he said. Holder said state laws that bar felons from voting are "not only unnecessary and unjust, they are also counterproductive" because they perpetuate the "stigma and isolation imposed on formerly incarcerated individuals," increasing the likelihood that they will commit future crimes.

Such "outdated" laws have a "disparate impact on minority communities," he said, suggesting that this is, at heart, a civil rights issue. Of the 5.8 million Americans who cannot vote because of current or previous felony convictions, 2.2 million are black, Holder noted. "And although well over a century has passed since post-Reconstruction states used these measures to strip African Americans of their most fundamental rights, the impact of felony disenfranchisement on modern communities of color remains both disproportionate and unacceptable."

Holder said that since 1997, a total of 23 states have enacted reforms. "These are positive developments. But many of these changes are incremental in nature. They stop well short of confronting this problem head-on. And although we can be encouraged by the promising indications we've seen, a great deal of work remains to be done. Given what is at stake, the time for incrementalism is clearly over." Holder said 11 states continue to restrict voting rights, to varying degrees, even after a person has served his or her prison sentence and is no longer on probation or parole. He singled out Florida and Mississippi and Iowa.

"Whenever we tell citizens who have paid their debts and rejoined their communities that they are not entitled to take part in the democratic process, we fall short of the bedrock promise -- of equal opportunity and equal justice -- that has always served as the foundation of our legal system. So it's time to renew our commitment -- here and now -- to the notion that the free exercise of our fundamental rights should never be subject to politics, or geography, or the lingering effects of flawed and unjust policies.

"After all, at its most basic level, this isn't just about fairness for those who are released from prison. It's about who we are as a nation. It's about confronting -- with clear eyes, and in frank terms -- disparities and divisions that are unworthy of the greatest justice system the world has ever known. It's about ensuring that we hold accountable those who do wrong -- while preserving the values our nation has always held sacred. And it's about protecting the American people and strengthening our communities -- while enabling all of our citizens, no matter who they are or where they're from, to make their voices heard."

CNS News: Holder: State Laws That Bar Felons From Voting Are 'Too Unjust to Tolerate'


IRS Insider Blows Lid Off “Culture of Corruption”

"As a growing cloud of perpetual mega-scandal continues to swirl around the embattled Internal Revenue Service, an IRS insider who has worked as an attorney at the tax agency’s Office of the General Counsel for over 26 years is now blowing the whistle on what he says is systemic, massive corruption as well as routine abuse of taxpayers. In an explosive exposé posted on Power Line, William Henck accused the agency — currently under fire for targeting political groups the Obama administration disagrees with — of embezzlement, bullying elderly taxpayers, retaliatory audits, scams, and more."


Belgian Parliament Passes Law 

Permitting Euthanasia for Children

Published on Feb 13, 2014
Belgium will be the first country to allow euthanasia for terminally ill children of any age, if the Country's parliament votes in favour of a controversial bill that will allow children to end their lives with the help of a doctor in the world's most radical extension of mercy killing law.

Belgium Child Euthanasia 'Opens Door None Can Shut':


D'Souza: 'I will not be stopped by Barack Obama:

Published on Feb 13, 2014
NEW YORK -- Dinesh D'Souza, the conservative author and filmmaker whose stunning "2016″ grabbed the nation's attention during the last presidential campaign with its criticism of Barack Obama, is vowing a strong defense to charges filed against him by the Obama Justice Department.

"I will not be stopped by Barack Obama," D'Souza told WND in an exclusive interview. He also affirmed his plan to proceed with the planned July 4 release of his new film, "America," despite being prosecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice on campaign-finance charges.