Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Gloria Allred Announces Former 'Apprentice' Contestant Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Trump 

 Published on Jan 17, 2017

Today we are here to announce that this morning we filed a defamation lawsuit on behalf of our client, Summer Zervos, against President-elect Donald Trump.
The lawsuit alleges that Ms. Zervos had been subjected to unwanted sexual touching by Donald Trump and that she had told family and friends about the incidents not long after these incidents occurred.

She did not go public or take any action against Mr. Trump at that time, however, because she decided that Mr. Trump’s behavior had either been an aberration, a test, or that he may even have regretted or been ashamed of his behavior.

The lawsuit alleges the following:

“In October 2016, that all changed. On October 7th, when Trump’s own recorded, crude and vulgar comments to Billy Bush on the Access Hollywood tapes recorded in 2005 were broadcast, it became clear that Trump’s sexually inappropriate behavior towards Ms. Zervos was entirely consistent with Trump’s own words, and his belief that he had the right to sexually assault women – and even to boast about it. Then at the October 9th presidential debate, Trump told the world a boldface lie: he stated in response to a direct question from Anderson Cooper that he had not ever done any of the things that he had bragged about to Billy Bush.”

Ms. Summer further alleges in the lawsuit:

“For the first time, Summer Zervos saw Trump’s behavior towards her for what it was: that of a sexual predator who had preyed on her and other women. She realized that she was just one of many women who had been victimized by Trump’s predatory conduct. Ms. Zervos could no longer rationalize or excuse Trump’s behavior by telling herself that his behavior had been a mistake or an isolated incident for which he might even be ashamed. Trump had no shame. His own boasting to Billy Bush made clear that his behavior was intentional.

Ms. Zervos knew that Donald Trump had lied – to the country and to the world – and knew that the statements he made to Billy Bush were not just words or “locker room” talk, but were evidence of his pattern of misconduct towards women. Ms. Zervos felt a responsibility to inform the public of the true facts. It was unacceptable to stand by and allow a presidential candidate to lie openly, with impunity, to the American public. She came forward – as a number of other Trump victims did – to inform the public of the facts she knew were true, to make clear that Donald Trump had kissed and groped her without her consent, repeatedly.”

The lawsuit goes on to allege, “And what did Donald Trump, the liar and misogynist do, to cover up his lies? He lied again, and debased and denigrated Ms. Zervos with false statements about her.
Trump immediately lied, saying that he “never met [Ms. Zervos] at a hotel or greeted her inappropriately.” He quickly went further, describing Ms. Zervos’s experience, along with those of others, as “made up events THAT NEVER HAPPENED;” “100% fabricated and made-up charges;” “totally false;” “totally phoney [sic] stories, 100% made up by women (many already proven false);” “made up stories and lies;” “[t]otally made up nonsense.” He falsely stated: “Every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign, total fabrication. The events never happened.” During the last presidential debate, he stated that these women were either being put forward by the Clinton campaign, or were motivated to come forward by getting “ten minutes of fame,” and nothing more.”