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Heidi Cruz wants to build a North American Community – what does that mean, exactly?

"Shrewdly, Ted’s wife Heidi Cruz’s name is not on the CFR current membership roster. However, Wikipedia lists Heidi Cruz as a “historical member” of the CFR. Significantly, Heidi Cruz was a member of the CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force on the Future of North America, launched in October 2004. The Task Force advocates a greater economic and social integration between Canada, Mexico, and the United States as a North American region."
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Cruz, Heidi(Publisher’s Note: Here is proof that the Cruz’s, holding themselves out as Conservatives are a part of the New World Order.  They want to make the U.S., Canada and Mexico a one region, doing away with borders.  Many of these so called Conservatives are really hypocrites and are really NWO boys playing the Republican side of the fence.)
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Posted on August 21, 2015 by austrogirl
Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, with his Spanish name, Canadian birth and US citizenship, would actually be a natural candidate to be the First President of the North American Union! (n/t The Next News Network)
In today’s video preview of tomorrow’s show, I refer to a document, Building a North American Community, written by a Council on Foreign Relations task force which included Heidi Cruz (i.e., Mrs. Ted Cruz), who expressly agreed with the recommendations in the report. What are those recommendations? Here’s a sampling, but I highly recommend you read the whole text (it’s large print and only 32 pages of actual report, the rest you can skip):
  • To lay the groundwork for the freer flow of people within North America with the ultimate goal of full mobility of labor and goods across Canada, Mexico and the United States. To facilitate this, rules and regulations on labor and the environment among other things should conform across the “tri-national” region. “[T]he three countries should make a concerted effort to encourage regulatory convergence…including harmonization at the highest prevailing standard…and unilateral adoption of another country’s rules.”
    • “Make a North American standard the default approach to new regulation….The new tri-national mechanism also should be charged with identifying joint means of ensuring consistent enforcement of new rules as they are developed.”
  • Increase information and intelligence-sharing at the local and national levels in both law enforcement and military organizations.
    • Conduct annual training exercise to develop interoperability among and between law enforcement agencies and militaries of the US, Canada & Mexico.
  • Create a North American Border Pass with biometric identifiers.
  • Establish a North American energy and emissions regime that could offer tradable voucher systems for emissions trading.
  • Creation of a North American Advisory Council with a complementary private body “that would meet regularly or annually to buttress North American relationships, along the lines of the Bilderberg or Wehrkunde conferences, organized to support transatlantic relations.”
    • Creation of a North American Inter-Parliamentary Group that will include US Congress along with Canadian and Mexican Parliamentary representation, who play key roles in policy toward each other. The newly created North American Advisory Council (likened to the Bilderberg Group) “could provide an agenda and support for these meetings.”
  • (Publishers Note:  There you have it.  They are talking about closing the borders, this report is talking about open borders.  Did you see the part about “biometric identifiers?”  What do you think that is talking about other than the “Mark of the Beast?”  What about “Conduct annual training exercise to develop interoperability among and between law enforcement agencies and militaries of the US, Canada & Mexico.”   We are talking about having Canadian and Mexican police in the streets of U.S. cities.  I’ll take Mrs. Stupid Trump in GQ any day over this smart babe Heidi who worked for Goldman Sachs for big bucks and was a member of the Council of Foreign Relations before Ted threw his hat in the ring for President.  We dumb Christians better start waking up.)


Heidi Cruz, Wife Of Ted Cruz VP Goldman Sachs,CFR Member and George Bush's former Economic Advisor
Published on Oct 22, 2013
Not Again... Harvard graduate comes to Goldman Sachs and ends up with a seat on the Counsel on Foreign Relations... Heidi Cruz the real agenda revealed... There is no left and right anymore only one agenda filled with a load of drama left to divert your attention and confuse you while they do what they need to do behind closed doors.

Officially incorporated on July 29, 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was founded by Colonel House and "such potentates of international banking as JP Morgan, John D Rockefeller, Paul Warberg, Otto Kahn, and Jacob Schiff... the same clique which had engineered the establishment of the Federal Reserve System."

The Council on Foreign Relations has had its fingers in every nook and cranny of American politics since its creation in 1921. President Truman was advised by six CFR members. Presidents and candidates Dewey, Eisenhower, Nixon, Stevenson, Kennedy, Humphrey and McGovern all were at one point members of the CFR, though some believe that it was Kennedy's disloyalty to the CFR which got him killed. In an annual report of 1978 published by the CFR, eleven of its 1878 members were Senators, with many more congressmen, along with 284 government officials. The Chairman of the Board of the CFR at that time was David Rockefeller. George Bush Sr. was the director of the CFR from 1977-1979, when his name disappears from the membership list, and finally Bill Clinton is a member of the CFR. There was no information found on George W Bush. STARTING TO SEE A TREND HERE?

On February 7, 1950, "International financier and CFR member James Warburg [told] a Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee: "We shall have world government whether or not you like it- by conquest or consent." Warburg was son of CFR founder Paul Warburg. Two days later, the Subcommittee introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution #66, which begins "Whereas, in order to achieve universal peace and justice, the present Charter of the United Nations should be changed to provide a true world government constitution."

There is no left and right folks just one agenda, the idea of your vote is no longer a reality, our voting machines and the count was sold in 2012 to a foreign company. Do some research for yourself if you don't believe us its very easy to find the info.

Ted Cruz Wife Heidi Cruz and the Council on Foreign Relations Exposed
Published on Feb 18, 2016
Heidi Cruz the wife of Senator Ted Cruz is affiliated with an organization that’s trying to build an EU style government right here in North America and take away our sovereignty. So how is it that she’s so actively involved in her husband's campaign when he vehemently opposes her views. Well I’m going to expose some truths about this organization and the Cruz’s relationship.

In 2004, Heidi became a member of the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations. The Task Force advocates a greater economic and social integration between Canada, Mexico, and the United States as a North American region. Or what Lou Dobbs called the North American Union. The council on foreign relations, the CFR promotes globalization, free trade, the reduction of financial regulations on transnational corporations and economic consolidation into regional blocks such as NAFTA and the European Union. That’s right, these are the same guys that promoted NAFTA.

In 2005, the CFR published a document called Building a North American Community. Within the report the task force proposes the creation of a North American community to enhance security, prosperity, and opportunity. The Report recommends the development of a North American border pass and action plan allowing citizens of the three countries to expedite passage through customs, immigration, and airport security within the region. They want to quote “Lay the groundwork for the freer flow of people within North America. They say the three governments should commit themselves to the long-term goal of dramatically diminishing the need for the current intensity of the government's’ physical control of cross-border traffic, travel, and trade within North America. Yeah uh in English this means let’s let all the Mexicans freely cross the border into the United States.

It's very interesting, right? Ted Cruz is on the complete opposite side of his wife's view and her participation in The Council of Foreign Relations. In fact during his run for the senate he was asked about the CFR and he’s quoted as saying they are a pernicious nest of snakes that is working to undermine our sovereignty.

But Heidi Cruz, has relentlessly been campaigning for her husband. And we’re not just talking about event appearances. She’s quoted as saying she’s made over 600 phone calls to potential donors in the first quarter of the campaign alone. No other candidate’s partner has ever stumped for their husband or wife like Heidi Cruz has for Ted. So what is it? What does Heidi Cruz get out of Ted Cruz winning the election, when it goes against her very own political ideologies?

You have to start asking yourself what’s the agenda here. Ted Cruz wants to deport all the migrants but his wife wants an open door policy and free travel between countries. At some point you have to ask is Ted Cruz a secret advocate for the North American Union? How can two people who share the same bed, are diametrically opposed to each other's stance on immigration, be so single mindedly focused on getting into the White House.

You know years ago Bill Clinton let it slip that he and Hillary made a pact that she would support his presidential run which would pave the road for her to run in the future. In fact they even discussed which one of them should run first. This Cruz relationship sounds all too familiar and I’m predicting right now that if Ted Cruz does get into office and lord have mercy on us all if that happens but if it does I believe he’ll switch to support her initiative and we’ll be looking at four years of our sovereignty being dissolved.

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