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Masked Thug Threatens Infowars Reporters




Violence Erupts in Ferguson Missouri 

The Moment Obama Calls For Peace (Nov 24, 2014); 

At the Same Time He's Behind the 

Build Up of Militarized Police Forces:

 Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri 

Does Not Indict Officer Darren Wilson (Nov 24, 2014)

Ferguson: Grand Jury Does Not Indict 

Officer Wilson in Brown Case:

"The Ferguson grand jury turned down all five potential charges brought against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson (shown), with none of them being persuasive enough to garner the nine votes necessary to indict him from the 12-member grand jury.
St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch, heavily criticized for having close ties to law enforcement and therefore allegedly biased in favor of Wilson, announced the decision Monday night in a carefully crafted 20-minute statement designed to defuse nearly all of the potential charges that might be brought against his handling of the grand jury investigation. In the question-and-answer period following his presentation, it was clear that reporters who had already prejudged the verdict had been disarmed by McCulloch’s remarks.
Even President Obama, weighing in immediately following the verdict’s announcement, was hard-pressed to do much more than claim that the troubles in Ferguson were symptomatic of racial discrimination under the law elsewhere in the country and “that more needs to be done” as a result."

Ferguson Burnt & Looted Again:

Ferguson Decision Plunges City Into Flames; What Happens When The Government Investigates Itself

                      Evidence May Be Hidden:                          

Epic Riot Footage From Inside The Battle of Ferguson

Published on Nov 25, 2014
After days of largely peaceful protests Ferguson, MO erupts with chaos. Infowars Reporters Stand tall in the face of gunshots, rioting, looting, tear gas and pepper spray.







Obama Issued Stand Down Order 

of National Guard in Ferguson:

Published on Nov 26, 2014
Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder makes stunning claim.

Fire Chief: Ferguson Fires Appeared Set by Trained Arsonists:



Looking for Gold Nuggets in a Manure Pile

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

A couple of years ago, a music leader who has been involved with the Wilds Music Conference shared the following thoughts with me. I have since come to see that this is rapidly becoming the consensus within independent Baptist circles. 
He said: 

“When it comes to CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) and CWM (Contemporary Worship Music), I am not and never have been an ‘absolute separatist.’ ... I hold out hope that even a pony can find a gold nugget in a pile of manure, as the earthy saying goes! Translated: If a CWM artist ‘accidentally’ writes a song that has theologically solid lyrics and a timeless melody that reminds one of the great Scotch-Irish-Welsh tune tradition that has informed our own favorite hymns, and that song is re-arranged appropriately to remove any hint of pop/rock beats and stylings, I am not 100% opposed to its use. ... I also understand there is another view of my analogy here, that some would rather not have to dip their hands into that manure pile looking just for the few nuggets! ... We choose our songs very carefully.”

He mentioned the Gettys as an example of those he borrows from.
BRO. CLOUD’S REPLY The gold in question is not that valuable, and the manure is very dirty; it is tainted with deadly poison, and those who are defiled thereby are rarely ever cleansed

Few men better understand the ecumenical-charismatic movement represented by the contemporary worship artists than I do, because of my unique background and 40 years of experience and research; and with the utmost passion I can muster, I would warn that the danger of adapting contemporary worship music far outweighs the benefit.

Look at the future. Look at the potential fruit. Look at the next generation. 

Can you be sure that the young people in your churches will not be influenced by the “easy going,” judge not philosophy and the radical ecumenical thinking of even the most conservative of contemporary worship musicians, including the Gettys

Won’t many of them be more careless than you in their selection of songs? I know many independent Baptists who are ignorantly singing contemporary songs with a charismatic message, such as “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong United and “Word of God Speak” by MercyMe. 
Won’t some doubtless “get in touch” with these people via the web and through that association be influenced away from a “staunch biblicist” stance? 

Won’t the young people in the “adapting” churches fall in love with the “real” thing: the full-blown rock & roll that the contemporary artists love? 

In fact, this is exactly what is happening everywhere. We have documented how that some prominent young members of the music department at Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, California, are moving into full-blown contemporary Christian music. (See “The Next Generation Rocking at Lancaster,”

A student at West Coast Baptist College wrote to me recently and shared the following testimony:

“I’ve been raised in conservative, traditional, hymn-playing music. There’s obvious signs of contemporary movements among the student body and even organized services. In the dorms, they only sing worship songs really, and the church sings many contemporary songs as well. The student body is largely into Christian rock, pop, etc. ... I feel like Lancaster Baptist Church thrives in many areas of ministry, and while I think they’d help in so many ways, I’m worried I’ll graduate with a warped philosophy mixed with my conservatism.”

That “warped philosophy” is the leaven that will ruin every good thing that is being taught at Lancaster, and the foolish decision to play around with “soft rock” and to “adapt” nuggets from the manure pile of contemporary music is at the heart of the problem. 

I simply don’t understand the motivation to spend all of the time and labor and money to “adapt” music by people like the Gettys, which Soundforth and others are doing, when there is such a vast amount of unquestionably sacred music, both old and new, that is not coming from the one-world church movement and has no spiritual danger attached to it. 

Candidly, I suspect that most of those who are behind this simply love contemporary worship music (the real thing) and have an agenda of gradually introducing it into the churches by the "toning down" method. Think about it. How do you find the “gold” in the “manure pile”? Only by getting down in the manure and searching through it! 

The Gettys and their friends readily and warmly and unapologetically associate with Mary-venerating Roman Catholics such as Matt Maher. Is this not a bright red warning sign? Can it be that there is no spiritual danger here? It is not obvious that we are dealing with “another spirit” no matter how high-sounding the words of their lyrics? 
If the “evangelical” Gettys associating with Roman Catholic Matt Maher and his Methodist wife, who are raising their children “in both churches,” is not the “one-world church,” what is? 

I have documented the previous facts as well as the one-world church aspect of contemporary worship music in general in 
The Directory of Contemporary Worship Musicians. 

We say we love the truth; where, though, is the hatred of EVERY false way?

"Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right; and I hate every false way" (Psalm 119:128).

When I study the Gettys, Townend, MercyMe, etc., it doesn’t make me want to use their music. It makes me want to reprove them, warn about them, and run away from them! 

Instead of spending time, labor, and money trying to find gold in the manure pile, why not invest that in warning God’s people about the manure pile and teaching the next generation about biblical separation? God’s Word does not command separation to hurt us but to protect us. Aren’t “better safe than sorry” and “better to err on the side of safety” biblical principles, as reflected in such verses as the following?

“Your glorying 
is not good. Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?” (1 Corinthians 5:6).

“Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners” (1 Corinthians 15:33).

“Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean 
thing; and I will receive you” (2 Corinthians 6:17).

Doesn’t “touch not the unclean thing” refer to ANY manure pile?

I have been sounding this warning and asking these questions for a long time. I would love to be answered from Scripture rightly divided and sound logic rather than silence and 
ad hominem

I wish you well in every endeavor in the truth. 



Sight Method of Teaching Reading Causes Dyslexia

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Author: Sam Blumenfeld

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) recently held its annual conference in San Diego on November 12-15. According to the IDA, "Dyslexia is a language-based learning disorder. Its causes are still not completely clear." But I beg to differ. The cause of dyslexia is quite clear, and I can prove it.
First, what is dyslexia? The dictionary defines it as an “impairment of the ability to read.” It is a fancy term for reading disability or functional illiteracy. Professional parents prefer the term "dyslexic" when referring to their own children who are “too smart to be that dumb.” "Dyslexia" implies some deep-seated psychological or genetic problem, while "reading disability" implies stupidity. There are millions of functional illiterates in America who are not stupid but somehow think they may be. Why weren’t they able to learn to read? It’s a question that haunts them for their entire lives.
Believe it or not, the ability to read would not be a problem in America if the progressives hadn’t pulled a fast one on the unsuspecting citizens of this great nation. They took it upon themselves, in the pursuit of a utopian dream, to attempt to change American society from a competitive, dog-eat-dog capitalistic system into a peaceful, serene, noncompetitive society where all were economically equal, wearing the same utilitarian clothes, living in uniform public housing, and obeying the laws and regulations of a benign bureaucracy which put them to work in a planned economy. In such a society, the government would own everything including the souls of its citizens. The dream of utopia has always captured the minds of those who hate reality but would love to govern others.
The progressives were a peculiar bunch. They were members of the Protestant academic elite who no longer believed in the religion of their fathers. They put their new utopian faith in science, evolution, and psychology. Science explained the physical world, evolution explained the origin of living matter (the first living entity crawled out of the primal ooze), and psychology permitted the scientific study of human nature and suggested ways of controlling the behavior of human beings.
In 1898, their leader, John Dewey, hatched a long-range plan for the socialists to take over America for its own good. The plan was to use the public schools of the nation to train American children to adopt the precepts of future utopian living. The key to the program was in primary education, where children were taught the three Rs. In an essay entitled "The Primary-Education Fetish," Dewey launched an attack on the traditional 3 Rs, which he claimed perpetuated the abhorrent capitalistic, individualistic system. The only way to utopia was the destruction of that system and its replacement by a new enlightened form of instruction.
The key to the progressive curriculum would be a new way of teaching reading: a sight method that teaches children to read English as if it were an ideographic system such as Chinese. The method had been used before experimentally in the primary schools of Boston in the 1830s and ‘40s and proved to be a disaster. But that’s what Dewey and his progressive colleagues wanted. By 1933, the new look-say program, "Dick and Jane," was ready for the public schools. Since the country was in the Great Depression, initially few schools could afford the new books. But by 1950, the new reading program was in virtually all the schools of America.
What the new program actually did was switch the learning process from mastering the word to mastering the image — an impossible task. As Dewey had written in 1897 in his Pedagogical Creed, “I believe that the image is the great instrument of instruction.” Not the word. This contradicts centuries of teaching experience when pictures were not used in teaching reading. Also, mastering the word was in keeping with the miracle of creation. St. John writes in the Bible, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
Dewey’s Creed was a repudiation of the Word. Phonetic reading was based on the word, not the image. Conversely, sight reading is based on the image, not the word. It uses the right brain to perform the functions of the left brain, thus impairing brain function. Neural imaging actually shows the dysfunctional brains of dyslexics.
Today’s primary reading programs consist of heavily illustrated books in bright colors with a few words in small print at the bottom of the page. The emphasis is on using the pictures to interpret the words. There is no systematic teaching of the alphabetic principle. To the sight reader, alphabet letters have no intrinsic meaning. They are just a bunch of squiggles arranged in no meaningful sequence in a word. The picture projects meaning.
It was Dr. Samuel Orton, a neurophysiologist, who was the first to discover that the sight method caused reading problems. In the 1920s he had examined many children in Iowa with reading problems and had concluded that their difficulties were being caused by the look-say, sight method of teaching reading. He was so concerned that he wrote an article for theJournal of Educational Psychology with the blunt title, “The Sight Reading Method of Teaching Reading as a Source of Reading Disability.” It was published in the February 1929 issue. He wrote:
I wish to emphasize at the beginning that the strictures which I have to offer here do not apply to the use of the sight method of teaching reading as a whole but only to its effects on a restricted group of children for whom, as I think we can show, this technique is not only not adapted but often proves an actual obstacle to reading progress, and moreover I believe that this group is one of considerable size and because here faulty teaching methods may not only prevent the acquisition of academic education by children of average capacity but may also give rise to far reaching damage to their emotional life.
The Journal of Educational Psychology was being edited by the very progressive utopians who were creating the reading programs that were causing the problems. So why did they publish Orton’s article? It confirmed what they were planning to do: dumb-down the nation. Their response to Orton was that he did not fully undertand what education was all about.
So we’ve known since 1929 that the sight method causes dyslexia, reading disability, or functional illiteracy. But this information was kept from the public until 1955, when Dr. Rudolph Flesch wrote his sensational exposé, Why Johnny Can’t Read. But that didn’t stop the professors of education from continuing their socialist mission. That they were impairing the brains of millions of children didn’t seem to bother them. They fought tooth and nail against Flesch and his followers, and they won.
Today’s teachers of reading have never heard of Flesch or Orton. And Teachers College at Columbia, the source of the pestilence, is still producing reading programs that favor the right brain over the left brain, the image over the word. They will continue to destroy literacy in America until enough informed parents and other citizens rise up to stop them.
Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld, an author and educator, has written many books on education including the popular Alpha-Phonics: A Primer For Beginning Readers.



Homeschool Raid Ruled Unconstitutional by Missouri Court

Published on Nov 25, 2014
Police entered the home of Jason and Laura Hagan without a search warrant. The couple were shot with tasers and Laura Hagan was slapped in the face by a police officer. Police also threatened to shoot the family dog when the couple refused to cooperate with social service workers. Pepper spray was also used on the couple.


Take Back America: Silence is NOT an Option!

Published on Oct 3, 2012
Pastors don't leave their religious freedom at the church door!
Big Government leftists and organizations like the ACLU want pastors and church leaders to believe they're on the wrong side of the law when they speak truth about our culture.
What is the truth about the so-called "separation of church and state?" Listen now to find out!

Monday, November 24, 2014


Here’s why Somali Muslim Refugees 

are moving to Cheyenne, Wyoming, 

Prepare to be shocked:

"Most Americans are unaware that under the “Refugee Resettlement Program,” whole Muslim communities from hostile nations are imported into the United States, circumventing whatever immigration laws that are still intact. This is made even more dangerous by what organization determines who are refugees and who aren’t. It’s the UN, driven largely by the world’s largest international body, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The OIC is a modern-day caliphate made up of 56 countries and the Palestinian terrorists."

Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains Largely Funded By Government Contracts
Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 29, 2014
Since we are closely following the controversy in Wyoming (see our previous post), let’s have a look at who exactly has expressed an interest in being the federal government contractor wishing to do business and resettle clients in Wyoming—Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains (LFSRM) sometimes known as Lutheran Family Services Colorado.  (Why they need to operate under two names is beyond me!).
Lutheran Family Services RM is not a privately-funded church group, it is a quasi-government agency which is 84% funded by tax dollars.
Let’s visit their most recently available Form 990 here.
Their gross revenue was $12,915,054
$10,812,318 comes from government contracts.

Unaccompanied Children Released to Sponsors by County:

"When a child who is not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian is apprehended by immigration authorities, the child is transferred to the care and custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).  Federal law requires that ORR feed, shelter, and provide medical care for unaccompanied children until it is able to release them to safe settings with sponsors (usually family members), while they await immigration proceedings. These sponsors live in many states.
Sponsors are adults who are suitable to provide for the child’s physical and mental well-being and have not engaged in any activity that would indicate a potential risk to the child. All sponsors must pass a background check. The sponsor must agree to ensure the child’s presence at all future immigration proceedings. They also must agree to ensure the minor reports to ICE for removal from the United States if an immigration judge issues a removal order or voluntary departure order.
HHS is engaging with state officials to address concerns they may have about the care or impact of unaccompanied children in their states, while making sure the children are treated humanely and consistent with the law as they go through immigration court proceedings that will determine whether they will be removed and repatriated, or qualify for some form of relief.
HHS has strong policies in place to ensure the privacy and safety of unaccompanied children by maintaining the confidentiality of their personal information. These children may have histories of abuse or may be seeking safety from threats of violence. They may have been trafficked or smuggled.  HHS cannot release information about individual children that could compromise the child’s location or identity.
The following table shows county-level data for unaccompanied children released to sponsors by the counties where the sponsors live, where 50 or more children have been released since January 1, 2014.  This data covers 140 counties nationwide, comprises 36,321 of the 45,029 total children released to sponsors in this period. ACF will update this data each month. See the state-by-state data."
Joe Biden: We (me and Ted, God rest his soul, and Jimmy) love refugees, 
just don’t drop ‘em off in Delaware.

Joe Biden’s Delaware one of the states hammered with ‘Unaccompanied alien children’Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 30, 2014

"Senator Joe Biden was one of the chief sponsors of the Refugee Act of 1980 which was pushed through Congress by Senator Ted Kennedy and signed into law by Jimmy Carter.  Yet, surprise! Delaware only takes a few refugees every year—you can count the number on two hands most years!"

On Friday, Veep Biden announced expansion of refugee program for the “children”: Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 17, 2014

Breitbart (emphasis is mine):
"On Friday, Vice President Joe Biden promised that the White House would allow an expansion of the United States’ refugee program to offer refugee status to children and young adults from Central America. He made the announcement in a speech at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, D.C. This announcement comes on the heels of President Obama’s vow to pass additional sweeping immigration reforms by executive order before the end of the year, a move strongly opposed by Republicans in Congress.
Previous U.S. immigration policy included a program that allowed up to 4,000 people a year from Cuba and Columbia to apply for refugee status. The new policy, as described by Biden, would expand that program to people under age 21 from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras who already have a parent in the U.S. legally, to allow them to come and join their parents."