Thursday, May 25, 2017


Democrat Shill Brennan, Pushes WH Regime Change

The establishment has not slowed down with the “impeach Trump” rhetoric.

 Former CIA Director John Brennan testified to a House committee recently, continuing his innuendo, but never rising to allegations.

David Knight looks at the man who has become the first to openly use the intelligence community for political purposes.

"It is to be understood the actual “patriotic” worth of the CIA’s actions depend upon who sits at the helm (Obama) and the director of the CIA always is a reflection of the POTUS. Hence we have John Brennan who you should recall refused to release 28 pages of the 911 Report because HE claimed it contained inaccurate information”. Well, couldn’t they release the pages and mark what the CIA claimed was inaccurate?
Who is John O. Brennan? Most certainly a globalist, supporter of the Obama agenda and a man who has worked for the CIA in enough positions for the past 25 years to write a book. Brennan withdrew his name from consideration for Director of the CIA in the first Obama administration over concerns about his support for transferring terror suspects to countries where they may be tortured while serving under President George W. Bush. Instead, Obama appointed Brennan Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism AND Assistant to the President, a new position which did not require Senate confirmation.
Placing Brennan in the position of Dir. of the CIA, has put one of Obama’s closet and most powerful aides in charge of an agency that has been transformed by more than a decade of secret wars. Working for Obama Brennan has:
Overseen the escalation of drone strikes in Pakistan in 2010.
Was the principal architect of the administration’s secret counter terrorism operations in Yemen.
Became a prominent public spokesman for the administration, appearing on television after foiled terrorist plots and giving speeches about the legality and morality of targeted killing.
Brennan denied his use of brutal interrogation methods and ended up with the prize job for Obama.
After Brennan was sworn into his office not on a Bible but on a copy of the Constitution rumors came out he had converted to Muslim while stationed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Liberal leaning Snopes claims the rumor is not true. (This would explain his very close relationship with Obama).
The Beauty of Islam according to John Brennan of which is what Obama learned as a child in Jakarta.
Spoke forcefully for closing the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and colleagues say he has argued for greater openness and clearer rules for targeted killing.
His reporting of the supposed raid to kill Osama bin Laden was proved to be inaccurate.
After leaving government service in 2005, Brennan became CEO of The Analysis Corporation, a security consulting business, and served as chairman of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, an association of intelligence professionals."