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WASHINGTON — Over a dozen Democratic senators have proposed a resolution in celebration of the 100th year of the birth control and abortion giant Planned Parenthood, stating that the organization is an “essential thread in the fabric of society,” in part by helping to grow the economy by keeping women in the workforce instead of raising their children.
Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon announced the introduction of the resolution on Thursday, which was co-sponsored by Al Franken of Minnesota, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Barbara Boxer of California, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Cory Booker of New Jersey, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Dick Durbin of Illinois, among others.
“From Portland, Oregon, to Portland, Maine, this country is healthier because of Planned Parenthood,” Wyden said in a statement. “My Democratic colleagues and I are going to keep working to make sure this bedrock health provider can keep serving people for the next 100 years.”
The resolution asserts that birth control and abortion have made women’s lives better.
“[O]ver the past 100 years, gains in access to birth control, safe and legal abortion, and other reproductive health services have improved and transformed the lives of women, men, and young people in the United States and around the world,” it reads in part.
It also contends that these services have helped to grow the economy by keeping women in the workplace instead of being mothers.
“Breakthroughs in women’s health care, such as the legalization and expanded availability of birth control, have been named one of the biggest economic advancements for women in the past 100 years,” the resolution reads. “Changes in women’s access to reproductive health care have led to cultural shifts: in the United States, women are now nearly half the workforce, the sole or primary breadwinners in 40 percent of homes, and more than half of the college students.”
It applauds Planned Parenthood for playing “important roles in increasing access to safe and legal abortion,” and advocating for “measures that increase access to birth control.” The resolution also recognizes the organization for being the “largest provider of sex education in the United States.”
The proposal therefore declares that Planned Parenthood should consequently “not be defunded, attacked, or discriminated against for their role as a vital women’s health care provider across the country, and affirms that Planned Parenthood remains an essential thread in the fabric of society, and it will be key in the next century to assisting millions of women, men, and young people in accessing the health care they need and deserve, no matter who they are or where they live.”
Read the proposed resolution in full here.
As previously reported, Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, and was originally known as the American Birth Control League. She later changed the name as some found it offensive.
Sanger was also the publisher of the newspaper “The Woman Rebel,” which she subtitled “No Gods, no masters.” In a 1914 edition she wrote, “Birth control appeals to the advanced radical because it is calculated to undermine the authority of the Christian churches. I look forward to seeing humanity free someday of the tyranny of Christianity, no less than capitalism.”
Sanger, who was a staunch advocate of eugenics, also wrote in “The Pivot of Civilization,” “Constructive” eugenics … shows us that we are paying for and even submitting to the dictates of an ever increasing, unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all—that the wealth of individuals and of states is being diverted from the development and the progress of human expression and civilization.”
“Birth control itself, often denounced as a violation of natural law, is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit, of preventing the birth of defectives or of those who will become defectives,” she also wrote in “Woman and the New Race. “If we are to make racial progress, this development of womanhood must precede motherhood in every individual woman.”
Planned Parenthood outlined in its annual report released at the end of December that the organization performed 323,999 abortions nationwide during the 2014-2015 fiscal year. The organization received $553 million in taxpayer funding/grants in 2014, up from $528 million the year prior, which equated to 43 percent of its total income. $48 million of Planned Parenthood’s income was used for sex education, and $39 million was used for public policy, or to influence state and federal law, up from $33 million in 2013.
Despite its expenditures, it still garnered a $61 million dollar profit.


Published on Oct 1, 2016
Donald Trump Calls For The ‘Complete Shutdown’ Of Muslims Entering the U.S. from countries with ties to terrorism. Meanwhile Queen Hillary plans to permanently resettle close to one million Muslim migrants during the first term of her presidency. InfoWars reporter Jon Bowne in studio with Darrin McBreen.

Coming To America: Queen Hillary's Refugee Crisis
Putting them into Detroit's abandoned homes
Published on Sep 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton plans to permanently resettle close to one million Muslim migrants during the first term of her presidency alone, according to the latest available data from the DHS.

The vetting process is a scam. Did vetting stop San Bernardino, Orlando, the New York bomber, the Minnesota radical Islamist knifer? What is extreme vetting? Why is abandoning your country as a refugee the answer in the first place? Would Americans do the same? No. We would stand and fight....The U.S. constitution deems it necessary to defend our Republic. And now that very ideal is under attack! Darrin McBreen and Jon Bowne report.


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By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
September 30, 2016
© 2016
Many predicted NBC moderator Lester Holt -- whose history interviewing Clinton proves his political leanings -- would pull a Candy Crowley* by fact-checking Donald Trump, while letting Hillary Clinton say whatever she liked without interruption.
Despite Hillary Clinton being evaluated by a majority of the American public as "dishonest," and being investigated by the FBI whose director said Clinton was careless with national security, this proved not only to be completely predictable, but it happened four times.
"Last night’s first Presidential Debate of the 2016 election cycle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was 100% rigged to sabotage the Republican Presidential nominee. We can say that with definitive certainty. How? Well, we told you exactly what was going to go down at the debate 28 days ago, step by step. Almost tactic by tactic," said officials at fact-checker True Pundit.
True Pundit, on August 30, published Confessions of a Former Hillary Clinton Campaign Operative, which unveiled the mainstream news media's script for the debate strategy to minimize Trump via debate moderator.
"The fix was in weeks ago. We were the only media in the country to pinpoint how Monday’s debate would be heavily manipulated in Clinton’s favor at the expense of Trump," True Pundit said today.
"Yes, we're patting ourselves on the back. And yes, we said this all in August. True Pundit readers were quick to note on Twitter after the debate that Lester Holt did exactly what True Pundit predicted he would do a month ago via intelligence received from a former Clinton campaign guru.
According to True Pundit, *Hillary is already being coached for the Sept. 26 Presidential Debate. But the Democratic strategy is bizarre. Her handlers do not think she will respond well to stressful questions or rhetoric so Hillary is memorizing canned answers that may not even directly address the subject or question. Why is this a viable strategy? We’re told this will work because the moderators will not redirect Clinton or cross examine her original answer to a question, regardless of her answer. This has been negotiated. So Hillary is free to pontificate without being called on her verbal nonsense, regardless of topic or content. Must be nice. You can bet no such agreement is in place for Trump.
“The debate is already stacked against the guy,” the former operative told True Pundit. “Hillary’s lawyers already hammered out her ground rules before the debate questions were even formulated. It’s a stacked deck. She knows the game and all the referees.” -Excerpt from True Pundit, August 30, 2016
*During 2012's debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, moderator Candy Crowley interrupted Romney and told him he was wrong and Obama was right regarding his calling Benghazi a terrorist attack. The next day, Crowley apologized for being wrong but it was too late -- millions heard her lie to help Obama.
Liar in Chief? Evidence Obama 'put in the fix' for Hillary in FBI's email investigation
While the White House, the Democrats and their echo chamber in the news media denied that President Barack Obama had any knowledge of his then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton using a private, unprotected email server for official business -- including illegally transmitting classified information -- evidence exists that Obama lied about what he knew and didn't know.
"It appears to me that [the] President knew all along about Clinton's shenanigans to cover up her concealment of her communications and that the 'fix'was in' to not only cover up her subterfuge, but in order to protect her and himself, he made sure the FBI investigation went nowhere. His FBI director and his Attorney General were likely ordered to avoid indicting Hillary," claims former police detective and fraud investigator Sidney Franes.
According to documents that were released by the FBI, but were practically ignored by major news outlets, President Obama used a phony name and fabricated a fake email address when he communicated with his secretary of state.
In the tradition of administrations wishing to garner a minimum amount of attention, the FBI chose Friday to dump notes from their agents' interview with Clinton's closest confidante, Huma Abedin. She was questioned about a specific email that contained what they found was an alias used by Obama.
"It has been revealed that President Barak Obama used an alias while emailing to Hillary Clinton on her private email server, but claimed he was unaware of her illegal actions. Barack Obama already attempted to circumvent the Constitution to give millions of illegal aliens the right to vote ahead of the critical 2016 elections. We cannot allow Obama and his liberal allies to steal the election for Hillary Clinton" said former U.S. Army officer Joel Arends, chairman of Veterans for a Strong America.
The FBI documents show that interviews with Hillary’s aides including suspected Muslim Brotherhood-linked Abedin, the President attempted to hide his knowledge of -- and his involvement with -- Hillary Clinton’s illegal email communications. In an interview with top Clinton aide (and wife of the disgraced former Democratic congressman, Anthony Weiner) Huma Abedin in April 2016, Abedin was questioned about an email chain between Hillary and an unknown entity using an unknown email address.
According to the FBI, “Once informed that the sender’s name is believed to be pseudonym used by the president, Abedin exclaimed: ‘How is this not classified?’ Abedin then expressed her amazement at the president’s use of a pseudonym and asked if she could have a copy of the email.”
Here we have the testimony of a close associate of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton informing investigators that the nation's Commander in Chief used a fake email address with a fake name to communicate with the Secretary of State in his own administration.
"This prima facie evidence that Obama had knowledge of Clinton’s illegal activities throughout her time as the nation's Secretary of State. He had previously claimed, in interviews with CBS news,that he had learned of Hillary’s illegalities through news reports," noted another former police detective and interrogation expert Carlton McInnery.
Mr. Obama’s comments follow a long week of media scrutiny surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private email address and the ‘home-brewed’ server that hosted it.
"The policy of my administration is to encourage transparency, which is why my emails, the BlackBerry I carry around, all those records are available and archived,” Mr. Obama claimed. "I’m glad that she [Hillary] instructed that those emails about official business need to be disclosed.”
Columnist and attorney Jay Guy wrote on Saturday, "This revelation clearly and obviously reveals Hillary Clinton’s criminal intent, something FBI Director Comey claimed was “impossible to prove” during the investigation into Hillary’s email activities. So let me get this straight, the FBI Director of the United States knew the President of the United States was using an alias to email his own administration but you can’t prove criminal intent? Turn in your badge Director Comey, turn in your law degree and be glad you aren’t arrested for malpractice. While you’re at it reserve a cell for you, the President whose own illegal activity continues to be impressive, and the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton."
"After all, Barack Obama already attempted to circumvent the Constitution to give millions of illegal aliens the right to vote ahead of the critical 2016 elections. We cannot allow Obama and his liberal allies to steal the election for Hillary Clinton" said former U.S. Army officer Joel Arends, chairman of Veterans for a Strong America.
"As the government itself attempts to cover the illegal activity of it’s own “leaders”, it’s time for a non-politician to shake up the status quo. Guess who that is," noted Det. McInnery.


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MONTGOMERY, Ala. — The Alabama Court of the Judiciary (COJ), led by a chief judge who also serves as an elder in his church, has declared Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore guilty of all six charges of ethics violations surrounding allegations that he ordered judges in the state not to issue same-sex “marriage” licenses and has been suspended for the rest of his term without pay.
The COJ said in its decision on Friday that it did not agree that Moore’s Jan. 6 memo was “merely to provide a ‘status update’ to the state’s probate judges,” but could indeed be considered an order.
“We … do not accept Chief Justice Moore’s repeated argument that the disclaimer in paragraph 10 of the January 6, 2016, order—in which Chief Justice Moore asserted he was ‘not at liberty to provide any guidance … of the effect of Obergefell on the existing orders of the Alabama Supreme Court’—negated the reality that Chief Justice More was in fact ‘ordering and directing’ the probate judges to comply with the API orders regardless of Obergefell or the injunction in Strawser,” it wrote.
As previously reported, Moore stated during his trial on Wednesday that he did not “encourage anyone to defy a federal court or state court order,” remarking that it is “ridiculous” to believe otherwise.
“I gave them a status in the case, a status of the facts that these orders exist,” he said. “That is all I did.”
He said that he sent a memo to his colleagues at the Alabama Supreme Court, which had issued an order in March 2015 halting the issuance of same-sex licenses in the state apart from Moore, urging them to provide guidance in light of the federal Obergefell decision.
When they did not, he released a memo in January advising judges about the status quo until the court issues instructions as requested.
“Until further decision by the Alabama Supreme Court, the existing orders of the Alabama Supreme Court … remain in full force and effect,” he wrote on Jan. 6, adding, “I am not at liberty to provide any guidance to Alabama probate judges on the effect of Obergefell on the existing orders of the Alabama Supreme Court. That issue remains before the entire court, which continues to deliberate on the matter.”
On Friday, the COJ declared Moore guilty of failing to “perform the duties of his office impartially,” failing to “avoid impropriety,” failing to “respect and comply with the law” and failing to “abstain from public comment about a pending proceeding in his own court,” among other charges.
“For these violations, Chief Justice Moore is hereby suspended from office without pay for the remainder of his term. This suspension is effective immediately,” it declared.
The COJ said that Moore was not removed from the bench because a unanimous vote is required for removal, and the COJ was not in unison about how the matter should be handled. The COJ had the choices of acquittal, a statement of censure, suspension or removal.
“A majority of this court also agrees with the JIC that the only appropriate sanction for Chief Justice Moore is removal from office. Removal of a judge from office, however, requires ‘the concurrence of all members sitting,” it wrote. “It is clear there was not a unanimous concurrence to remove the Chief from office, so the COJ suspends him for the remainder of his term.”
As previously reported, the chief judge of the COJ, Justice J. Michael Joiner, is an elder at The Church at Brookhills in Birmingham and serves as a Bible teacher.
“He is an active member of The Church at Brookhills where he teaches a Bible study class,” his bio reads. “He previously served as Deacon and Chairman of the Shelby Baptist Association Credentials Committee.”
In 2014, Joiner, who serves on the Alabama Criminal Court of Appeals, likewise joined his colleagues in striking down a state law that criminalized those who engage in “deviate sexual intercourse with another person,” after a man was imprisoned for forcing another man to drop his pants.
Moore was first suspended from the bench in May after the homosexual advocacy groups Southern Poverty Law Center, People for the American Way, the Human Rights Campaign, and a drag queen who goes by the name Ambrosia Starling, pressed the JIC to take action against Moore.
The controversy began in 2013 when two lesbians in the state sued Gov. Robert Bentley, Attorney General Luther Strange and Mobile County Probate Judge Don Davis—among others—in an attempt to overturn Alabama’s marriage amendment after one of the women was denied from adopting the other woman’s child.
In January 2015, U.S. District Judge Ginny Granade ruled in favor of the women, prompting Moore to send a memo to probate judges throughout the state, advising that they are not required to issue “marriage” licenses to same-sex couples as he believed that Grenade’s ruling only applied to the two women.
Moore also wrote a letter to Gov. Robert Bentley, urging him to “uphold and support the Alabama Constitution with respect to marriage, both for the welfare of this state and for our posterity.”
“Be advised that I will stand with you to stop judicial tyranny and any unlawful opinions issued without constitutional authority,” he stated.
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) then filed a judicial ethics complaint against Moore over his letter to Gov. Bentley, and the homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign (HRC) submitted 28,000 petition signatures to the JIC calling for Moore’s removal.
As confusion ensued over Moore’s letter to probate judges, one judge, John Enslen of Elmore County, asked the full Alabama Supreme Court for further guidance. In March 2015, six of the nine judges of the Alabama Supreme Court released a historic order halting the issuance of same-sex “marriage” licenses in the state. Moore recused himself from the matter and was not included in the order.
“As it has done for approximately two centuries, Alabama law allows for ‘marriage’ between only one man and one woman,” the 148-page order read. “Alabama probate judges have a ministerial duty not to issue any marriage license contrary to this law. Nothing in the United States Constitution alters or overrides this duty.”
Three months after the Alabama Supreme Court issued its order, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges. The Alabama court did not immediately lift its order following the ruling as it took time sorting through the matter.
Therefore, in January, Moore sent another letter advising that the full court’s previous instructions remained in effect until it issued directives in light of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell.
But he also noted that his memo did not weigh in on how June’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling has impact on the Alabama Supreme Court’s directive, and said that it was not his place to make that determination. In March, the court finally issued its opinions on the matter, dismissing all outstanding cases before the bench.
In May, the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission (JIC) announced that it had filed ethics charges against Moore, and suspended the chief justice while he faced a trial before the COJ.
Moore’s attorneys state that they plan to appeal Friday’s decision.
“The 2016 Administrative Order was merely a status report of the pending case before the Alabama Supreme Court. The order did not change the status quo. It did not create any new obligation or duty. To suspend Chief Justice Moore for the duration of his term is a miscarriage of justice and we will appeal this case to the Alabama Supreme Court. This case is far from over,” Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel said in a statement.


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BUFFALO, N.Y. — A Virginia man who was accused of helping an ex-lesbian flee the country with her daughter has been declared guilty of international parental kidnapping and conspiracy.
A jury handed down the verdict on Thursday after a nearly two-week trial, which centered not on whether businessman Philip Zodhiates of Waynesboro helped Lisa Miller seven years ago, but whether he did it out of the generosity of his heart or to keep the girl away from Miller’s ex-partner.
“We had a lot of evidence about intent,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul J. Van de Graaf, who served as one of the prosecutors in the case, told reporters following the verdict. “We also had strong evidence about the secrecy and deception used by the defendant.”
“Lisa’s secrecy and deception should not rub off on Philip,” argued Robert Hemley, one of Zodhiates’ defense attorneys. “There is no such thing as guilt by association.”
He faces up to eight years behind bars and a $500,000 fine. Zodhiates will be sentenced on January 30.
As previously reported, Zodhiates was placed on trial on Sept. 20 after being indicted on accusations that he drove Miller to Buffalo, New York, where she then crossed the Rainbow Bridge into Canada. (See the indictment here.) The trial was consequently held in Buffalo as the accused crimes took place within its jurisdiction.
During the trial, the prosecution presented numerous witnesses, including Miller’s own father, Terry Miller, who painted a strained relationship with his daughter, calling her “hard-headed,” “introverted” and “very much secretive.” He testified that she asked him to call Zodhiates to provide the location of the Walmart where she was waiting, but said he did not know why and did not ask.
Janet Jenkins, Miller’s former partner, also testified, stating that she is determined to do “anything and everything” to get the child, now 14, back. Jenkins is now “married” to another woman, and they raise a two-year-old together.
She said that the two separated after their relationship went downhill following an IVF miscarriage.
Miller had previously been married to Kirk McConchie, her college sweetheart, but the marriage was very brief.
The Washington Post reported in 2007 that Miller struggled with being intimate with her husband due to a physically and emotionally abusive childhood, which adversely affected their marriage.
“I tried [to secretly date men],” Lisa told the outlet at the that time, advising that her mother, who she described as “mentally ill,” forbid her from having relationships with men. “She would always find out. ‘All men are evil.’ That’s what I grew up with. ‘They only want one thing.’”
She said that she turned to alcohol in an attempt to deal with her problems, and soon ended up in AA, where she met lesbian Janet Jenkins and entered into a relationship with her, although “I did not feel sexually attracted to women.”
In 2000, Miller joined in a civil union with Jenkins in the state of Vermont, one of the few states that allowed homosexual arrangements at the time. Following an artificial insemination procedure from a male sperm donor, Miller gave birth to a daughter, named Isabella, in 2002.
But even then, Miller had concern.
“There were numerous incidents of Janet going to [the Internet] and putting up naked women on the screen saver, and I would ask her to please change it,” Lisa later told the court, according to the Washington Post.
“I don’t have clean hands, either. Previously, before … the baby was born, [pornography] was used in our relationship,” she said. “When we moved to Vermont, Isabella was 4 months old, and I said this stuff has to go … There’s a baby in this house now. I don’t want that.”
In 2003, Miller and Jenkins split over continued tension in their relationship, part of which involved the miscarriage of Miller’s second pregnancy, and Miller moved to Virginia. She renounced her involvement in homosexuality and reportedly turned to Jesus Christ to be born again.
“It wasn’t a struggle,” she recalled of walking away from the homosexual lifestyle. “I felt peace.”
When the civil union between Miller and Jenkins was officially dissolved, the court gave custody to Miller, while also granting visitation rights to Jenkins.
While Miller did allow Isabella to spend time with Jenkins for a while, she reportedly became concerned at the information that her daughter was providing to her following the visitations.
Miller and Isabella
Miller and Isabella
Later, Miller testified to the court that the visits were causing great trauma to Isabella. She claimed that at six years old, the girl was forced to take baths together with Jenkins, and that the girl was openly touching herself inappropriately. She also stated that Isabella was withdrawn and talked about suicide at times.
“Isabella came home and said, ‘Mommy, will you please tell Janet that I don’t have to take a bath anymore at her house,’” Miller told reporters in 2008. “I asked her what happened. She said, ‘Janet took a bath with me.’ I asked her if she had a bathing suit on. ‘No, Mommy.’ She had no clothes on and it totally scared Isabella. She had never seen this woman except once in 2 ½ years and she takes a bath with her.”
“Last year, Isabella put a comb up to her neck and said she wanted to kill herself after one of the visits,” she outlined. “She took a comb and pressed it into her neck and said, ‘I want to kill myself.’ I don’t know where she got that. It was immediately after a visit. Other people have seen huge changes.”
Miller then filed for exclusive custody of Isabella, and the court agreed. She told the Washington Post, “I don’t see Janet as a parent, first and foremost. Secondly, I don’t want to expose Isabella to Janet’s lifestyle. It goes against all my beliefs. I am raising Isabella to pattern herself after Christ. That’s my job as a Christian mom. Homosexuality is a sin.”
However, Jenkins fought the ruling all the way up to the Virginia Supreme Court, which in 2008, ruled in favor of granting Miller’s former lesbian partner visitation rights. Miller refused.
The following year, family court judge Richard Cohen warned Miller that she must allow Isabella to visit Jenkins and threatened that if she did not do so, he would transfer full custody to Jenkins. In November 2009, Cohen followed through with his threats and ordered Miller to hand the child over to Jenkins.
However, Miller had fled the country with Isabella before he issued the transfer order, and for some time, none knew the whereabouts of the two. It was later discovered that they had fled to Nicaragua via the help of a number of Mennonite Christians and their contacts.
Zodhiates, the sole defendant not identified as a Mennonite, is the son of the late Dr. Spiros Zodhiates, a Greek-born Bible scholar who founded the missions and relief ministry Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel International (AMG). His father also published the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible and was a radio and television host, teaching on the New Testament from its original Greek meaning.
Zodhiates and his wife have six children, all adopted. Attorney Robert Hemley, who represented Philip Zodhiates in court, described him as a “unique and special individual” who seeks to help others.
Hemley had also cast doubts on Jenkins’ parental rights during the trial, noting that “Lisa Miller is the biological mother; Janet Jenkins never decided to adopt.”
Mennonite pastor Ken Miller is currently serving 27 months behind bars for his alleged part in the escape. As previously reported, he was held in contempt last Wednesday for refusing to testify against Zodhiates “for reasons of faith and conscience.”
Timothy Miller, a Mennonite pastor in Nicaragua, was recently arrested and deported back to the United States. He faces a trial in Buffalo next month.





Hillary Clinton names Angela Merkel one of her favorite world leaders: “obvious implications for our country”

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“One of my favorites is Angela Merkel because I think she’s been an extraordinary, strong leader during difficult times in Europe, which has obvious implications for the rest of the world and, most particularly, our country.”
Yes, the implications are obvious for our country. If Hillary Clinton becomes President, the United States will be inundated with Muslim migrants. There will be a sharp increase in crime, particularly sex assaults against Infidel women, and in aggressive assertions of the supremacy of Sharia over American law. There will also, of course, be more jihad terror attacks. Clinton is saying that if she is elected President, the U.S. will commit national suicide, just the way Germany is doing.
“In swipe at Trump, Clinton names Merkel as her favorite world leader,” by Nolan D. McCaskill, Politico, September 30, 2016:
Hillary Clinton trolled two White House opponents with a single response, dinging Gary Johnson and Donald Trump by naming Angela Merkel as her favorite world leader.
The Democratic presidential nominee on Thursday joined the discussion about politicians’ favorite world leaders, a topic that went viral when Johnson, the Libertarian nominee, drew a blank when asked Wednesday to name a world leader he looks up to and respects.
“Oh, let me think. Look, I like a lot of the world leaders,” Clinton said, bursting into laughter initially when asked about her favorite world leader during a gaggle with reporters aboard her campaign plane in Chicago. “One of my favorites is Angela Merkel because I think she’s been an extraordinary, strong leader during difficult times in Europe, which has obvious implications for the rest of the world and, most particularly, our country.”
Clinton praised the German chancellor’s “leadership and steadiness on the Euro crisis,” while adding that “her bravery in the face of the refugee crisis is something that I am impressed by.”
Clinton said she and Merkel have known each other since the 1990s and spent a lot of time together. “And I hope I’ll have the opportunity to work with her in the future, but we could talk about lots of different leaders if you want to sometime,” she quipped as she walked away with a smile….
Trump has frequently attacked Merkel on the campaign trail, panning her for Germany’s intake of refugees, and will likely use that line against Clinton in the final stages of the campaign.
“Hillary Clinton is running to be America’s Angela Merkel, and we’ve seen how much crime and how many problems that’s caused the German people,” Trump said in a speech he delivered last month in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Published on Sep 30, 2016
Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer discusses Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson's unconscionable association with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which has links to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.


Religion Cannot Save Anyone
As we evangelize Roman Catholics, many of them reject the Gospel because of their strong religious faith. Ultimately, they are trusting their religion to get them to heaven. Many of them display their stubborn-hearted loyalty to an empty religion by saying, "I was born a Catholic and I will die a Catholic." Their unchanging commitment to an apostate Christian religion is because they are convinced the Roman Catholic Church is the church Jesus founded.

Tragically, Catholics have been indoctrinated with a fatal flaw. They have been taught that salvation is dispensed through the sacraments by an installment method. Instead of passing from spiritual death to life, their salvation is said to be received piecemeal, a little at a time. This is why they are utterly dependent upon their priests for salvation. They have been taught that their priest administers baptism for regeneration and justification; he hears confession to absolve sin; he offers the body and blood of Jesus in the Eucharist; he imparts the Holy Spirit in the sacrament of Confirmation; he gives Last Rites for those who are dying; and he offers Mass for Catholic souls suffering in purgatory. 

By the supreme authority of God's Word, we can see that all of these teachings are completely false. Salvation from the power and punishment of sin is instantaneous, unconditional, and eternal. It occurs at the moment our sovereign God brings to life those who were dead in their sins (Eph. 2:1-5). He graciously grants repentance and gives the gift of faith to those who humbly receive and believe Christ and His Word (John 1:12-13; 2 Tim. 2:25; Jas. 4:6-8). The Lord Jesus calls those who are heavily burdened by legalistic rituals to come to Him for rest. To everyone who embraces Him with empty hands of faith, He offers an eternal relationship in exchange for their empty religion. 

When God opened the apostle Paul's eyes to the light of the Gospel, he quickly realized that religion could not save him. Clearly, no one had more reason to boast about his religious activities than Paul. His stellar resume is presented in Philippians 3:4-9. He was "a Hebrew of Hebrews; as to the law, a Pharisee; as to zeal, a persecutor of the church; as to righteousness under the law, blameless." However, by God's grace he "counted everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus" as Lord. For Christ's sake Paul suffered the loss of all things and counted them as rubbish, in order that he may gain Christ and be found in him, not having a righteousness of his own that comes from the law, but that which comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God that depends on faith. Paul exchanged his religion for a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He exchanged his futile attempts to become righteous with the gift of Christ's righteousness that comes by faith (Rom. 5:17). He exchanged everything he was doing for what Christ had done!

May the truth of God's Word instruct those who are held captive by a religion that cannot save them, to exchange it for a relationship with the only One who can!

Pope Canonizes An Agnostic Unbeliever

Pope Francis proclaimed Mother Teresa a saint on September 4th, the anniversary eve of her death 19 years ago. The world needs to know that God is the only one who converts a sinner to a saint. Of all the references to saints in the New Testament, they were all alive both physically and spiritually. They were made spiritually alive in Christ and were all members of the household of God (Eph. 2:5- 19). It is God alone who chooses and calls His saints out of the world to be sanctified or set apart as new creatures in Christ (1 Cor. 1:2; 2 Cor. 5:17). Mother Teresa cannot be a saint in death because she was not a saint in life.

Mother Teresa did not believe or proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation. She encouraged Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists to be better Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists. She never pointed people to Christ as the only savior, mediator, and redeemer. Instead, she taught a bizarre 'pseudo-pantheism' in which she believed Jesus was present in everyone. In her book "Life in the Spirit: Reflections, Meditations and Prayers," she wrote, "We never try to convert [anyone] to Christianity, but in our work we bear witness to the love of God's presence, and if Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, or agnostics become better men, we will be satisfied."

The widespread perception that Mother Teresa sought to relieve the suffering of the poor was the furthest thing from the truth. She believed suffering would help the poor make satisfaction for their sins. She said, "There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ's Passion. The world gains much from their suffering." This theology is consistent with Roman Catholicism which declares the sinner must "make satisfaction for" or "expiate" 
his sins by doing penance (Catechism of the Catholic Church, para. 1459).

At the end of her life, Mother Teresa doubted the existence of God and heaven. In her private letters she wrote: "Lord, my God, you have thrown [me] away as unwanted and unloved. I call, I cling, I want, and there is no one to answer, no, no one. Where is my faith? There is nothing, I have no faith." Yet, in spite of her lack of faith and her rejection of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, this unbelieving agnostic has been declared a saint.

Catholics Rebuke Pope Francis 
on Creating an 8th Work of Mercy
(Caution: The following article is written from a Catholic perspective on doctrine and beliefs, which this blog does not endorse. However, its criticisms of the pope are valid)

"Alright, That’s About Enough 

(Francis invents eighth work of mercy)"

Written by  SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
More than three years into this bizarre pontificate, one thing has become clear to the informed objective observer: “Father Bergoglio,” as he is wont to call himself when undermining Catholic doctrine by telephone, is abusing the papal office like no other Pope before him in an attempt to pass off his own ideas as binding on the Church.

On and on he goes, telling us whatever he thinks as if he actually expects any believing Catholic to accept his notions as authentic Church teaching, including these:
·         the admission to Holy Communion of people living in adultery in “certain cases”;

·         the embrace of environmentalism, “global warming” hysteria and the United Nations “sustained development goals”;

·         the absurd whitewash of Islam, the demand for unrestricted Muslim immigration and the outrageous claim of a moral equivalence between Islamic terrorists and Catholic “fundamentalists”;

·         the approval of contraception to prevent transmission of the Zika virus;

·         the condemnation of women who have multiple Caesarian sections as “irresponsible” mothers who tempt God and breed “like rabbits”;

·         the claim that anyone who is baptized belongs to the same Church as Catholics;

·         the reduction of the defined dogma of transubstantiation to an “interpretation” on the same level as the Lutheran heresy;

·         the condemnation of the death penalty as per se immoral;

·         the depiction of Mary as embittered over being “tricked” by God regarding her Son’s kingship;

·         the depiction of Jesus as a prevaricator who only pretends to be angry with His disciples and a reckless youth who had to apologize to Mary and Joseph for his “little escapade” in the Synagogue while they were looking for him;
and so on and so forth—endlessly, day in and day out.

And now the latest ridiculous Novelty of the Week. Francis has decided there should be eight works of corporal mercy and eight works of spiritual mercy instead of the traditional seven. The new “eighth work of mercy,” both corporal and spiritual, would be “care for our common home,” meaning the environment. As Francis declared in his “Message for the Celebration of the World Day of Care for Creation,” quoting himself as the sole authority (as he so often does):

The Christian life involves the practice of the traditional seven corporal and seven spiritual works of mercy. “We usually think of the works of mercy individually and in relation to a specific initiative: hospitals for the sick, soup kitchens for the hungry, shelters for the homeless, schools for those to be educated, the confessional and spiritual direction for those needing counsel and forgiveness… But if we look at the works of mercy as a whole, we see that the object of mercy is human life itself and everything it embraces.”

Obviously “human life itself and everything it embraces” includes care for our common home. So let me propose a complement to the two traditional sets of seven: may the works of mercy also include care for our common home.

As a spiritual work of mercy, care for our common home calls for a “grateful contemplation of God’s world” (Laudato Si’, 214) which “allows us to discover in each thing a teaching which God wishes to hand on to us” (ibid., 85). As a corporal work of mercy, care for our common home requires “simple daily gestures which break with the logic of violence, exploitation and selfishness” and “makes itself felt in every action that seeks to build a better world” (ibid., 230-31).
To whom are we showing spiritual mercy when we engage in “grateful contemplation of God’s world”? No one, obviously. To characterize contemplating the created world of physical entities as a work of spiritual mercy is patent nonsense. The proposed new eighth work of corporal mercy is just as nonsensical: it is directed to no one in particular and fails to prescribe any particular corporal work.

Earlier in the document, however, Francis—again quoting himself—ludicrously proposes that in the process of “[e]xamining our consciences, repentance and confession to our Father who is rich in mercy” we must have “a firm purpose of amendment [his emphasis]” that “must translate into concrete ways of thinking and acting that are more respectful of creation” such as “avoiding the use of plastic and paper, reducing water consumption, separating refuse, cooking only what can reasonably be consumed, showing care for other living beings, using public transport or car-pooling, planting trees, turning off unnecessary lights, or any number of other practices” (Laudato Si’, 211).”

Evidently, Francis considers failure to adopt “green” practices a mortal sin requiring absolution and an amendment of life. This is in stark contrast to his view of people who, as even the new Catechism teaches, are living “in a situation of permanent and public adultery” in purported “second marriages” following divorce. Francis has been laboring incessantly to admit these wayward Catholics to Confession and Holy Communion without any firm purpose of amendment. Catholics who fail to care adequately for “our common home,” however, apparently cannot receive absolution, according to Francis, unless amend their lives by “going green.”

Just imagine if Catholics took this notion seriously. A confession according to the dictates of environmentalism would sound something like this:
Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been one month since my last Confession. I bought water in plastic bottles at least six times, and I used plastic forks and paper plates at the family barbecue last week. Once I used up a whole roll of paper towels cleaning up a big mess on the floor. I have thrown plastic and glass refuse into the regular garbage pail many times. Several times I left the water running while I was cleaning up the kitchen. I have been taking my car to the supermarket every week when I could have taken the bus. Once I left the lights on in the house when I went out for the evening. Last week I threw out some leftover lasagna. And I have never planted a tree.
The continuing embarrassment of this pontificate is now too much to bear even for leading commentators of the conservative Novus Ordo mainstream. To their credit, a growing number of them have the intellectual honesty to declare publicly enough.

Philip Lawler, for example, has just posted an article entitled “The Pope's shocking statement on the environment” wherein he protests: “Pope Francis has often surprised, confused, and dismayed me. But nothing that he has said or done thus far in his pontificate has shocked me as much as his Message on World Day of Prayer for Creation.”

Lawler is at pains to note repeatedly that the issue is not due respect for God’s creation, but rather that “Francis has added to the traditional lists of corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Unless we simply ignore his statement, young Catholics of future generations will be taught that there are eight works in each category. Alongside feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, there will be listed caring for the environment. Alongside instructing the ignorant and admonishing sinners, there again will be…what, exactly? care for the environment? That change cannot easily be undone.”

Francis, writes Lawler, “is not making an organic change. He is putting things—virtuous actions, I will concede—in a category where they do not belong. When the Pope recommends turning off unnecessary lights, for example, he is making an unarguably positive suggestion; it is a good thing to do. But it is not [his emphasis] a work of mercy, as we have always understood that term. The works of mercy—as they were understood until yesterday—all have a human person as both subject and object…. In the new works that Pope Francis puts forward, the object is the natural environment, not a human soul.”

Moreover, the papal demand for “turning off lights and joining car pools and separating paper from plastics… seems somehow beneath the dignity of the papal office. There is a real danger that by plunging into this sort of mundane specificity, the Pope will dilute the authority of his own teaching office…” More than a danger. That authority has already been drastically diluted, as the bi-millenial continuity of papal teaching on faith and morals is almost daily watered down and mixed with what Antonio Socci so aptly dubs “Bergoglianism.”

In the same vein, Jeff Mirus, citing Lawler’s piece, has posted one of his own, mordantly entitled “Why care for the environment shouldn’t make the ‘works of mercy’ list.” A work of mercy, he notes, is always directed to the good of a particular soul whose neediness is before us. Francis’s novelty, however, “inescapably shifts our attention from the person to the environment itself [his emphasis].”

Furthermore, Mirus rightly warns, by demanding specific “green” practices as “works of mercy,” Francis risks subjugating the faithful to political policies he has no right to impose upon them:
“[T]here is also a major danger in overshadowing the highly personal character of these works by including matters which, by their very nature, require prudential social policies to secure the common good.” This danger cannot be overstated. It is precisely here that the personal gives way to the political, and the political gives way to the bureaucratic….

Two things stand out here. First, unlike traditional works of mercy, good people can disagree sharply on environmental policy without being unmerciful. Second, the Church is magisterially incompetent to make any of the practical judgments which alone can shape an appropriate community response to environmental concerns. What will inescapably occur, therefore, is that specific policies will be identified with the Church’s “official” position, and it is these policies which will claim to be the works of mercy which all are called to “do”.
As Mirus further warns in a related piece published the day before: “It is extraordinarily difficult for Christians to avoid further secularization when they believe they are being encouraged by their spiritual leaders to ally themselves with powerful causes that are already championed by the world.”

Indeed, the attachment of the Church to the eminently debatable environmental policies of secular governments, and the outright immoral Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations, which call for “universal access to sexual and reproductive health
,” is precisely the outcome Francis demands. As his Message declares:
The protection of our common home requires a growing global political consensus. Along these lines, I am gratified that in September 2015 the nations of the world adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, and that, in December 2015, they approved the Paris Agreement on climate change, which set the demanding yet fundamental goal of halting the rise of the global temperature. Now governments are obliged to honor the commitments they made, while businesses must also responsibly do their part. It is up to citizens to insist that this happen, and indeed to advocate for even more ambitious goals.
The final caption of Mirus’s piece could not be more telling: “That way madness lies.” We need not confine ourselves here to that veiled suggestion. We can say openly what any honest observer with a sensus catholicus is now thinking: this pontificate is insane. Only God knows how it will all turn out. Meanwhile, we can only hope and pray for our deliverance from this growing madness.