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Published on May 24, 2016
📚 Kindergarten Sex Ed Through Common Core. Since the onset of Common Core, Dr. Duke Pesta, FreedomProject Academy, and others have warned of the links between Common Core and the National Sexuality Standards Project. Despite the deception of Common Core supporters, we now have proof that the Sexuality Standards are being filtered into Common Core classrooms, starting in Kindergarten. More @

National Sexuality Education Standards PDF --

🎓 FreedomProject Academy's Common Core Free, Live Online School is Faithfully Educating America. Individual Classes & Complete Judeo-Christian Curriculum for K-12. Free Information Packet @

Sex Ed Standards: Students Should Be Able
To Define Rape

Common Core Presentation: Part 4 -
Sexuality Education Standards
Published on Feb 13, 2015
This is part 4 of an 8 part series regarding Common Core Educational Standards. This presentation was recorded at the Holmes County Liberty Coalition meeting in Millersburg, Ohio on Thursday, February 12, 2015.

Dr. Duke Pesta on Common Core and the Shocking Sexual Education Standards K-12

Dr. Duke Pesta ~ National Sex Education Standards
Published on Aug 2, 2014
Women On the Wall hosted Dr. Duke Pesta in Keller, Tx. ~ National Sex Education Standards
VIDEO – DR. DUKE PESTA – Explains the lies behind Common Core, lays out names/dates/facts

After watching this video, the public will be able to counter the Common Core proponents with the brutal facts that discredit those behind this federal takeover of our children’s minds and souls:



SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

Key to success is Buy Low Sell High. How many times have we heard this? This is the basis of making a profit. A concept that used to be taught in our economics classes in school.
Today we work on the principal of Lenin “"The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." Money is the driving force running America today with the assistance of the governing elite self proclaimed leaders.
There is just one problem. According to the US Constitution, NO LONGER TAUGHT IN SCHOOL for this reason, the resources and land of America belong to the America people. There is not one government agency, with any authority, to buy American land and resources and sell it to foreign countries and corporations. Yet this has been going for decades. This fraudulent practice will be escalated under the TPP. How does it work that these Government and non-Government agencies get the land and resources to sell? Answer: By using fraudulent practices, lying to the people.
Follow with me and I will give you the playbook how to level and sell America.
1. Institute Political Correctness and demonize anyone who objects. Demonize encompasses: loss of job, loss of reputation, loss of property, and savings, massive law suits. Forced political correctness is a violation of the First amendment to the Bill of Rights.
2. School: These students become legislators and government workers.
a. Eliminate America’s exceptionalism, pride, values, nationalism, individualism from all school curricula. They have been taught from pre-K and up, America is evil, you are worthless, you can not make decisions, you only have rights and permission to exist from the government. Government becomes God.
b. Eliminate factual information replaced by value driven information. Facts are truth. Values are opinions changeable by the whim of the government. Eliminating truth eliminates the ability to communicate since nothing is real, there is no common thread to bind Americans together.
c. Eliminate individualism and replace it with collectivism creating protected classes. The Constitution says We the People, and guarantees We the People equal rights. There is no need for protected classes; unless you’re motivation is to create victims, divide the people and get rich collecting donations.
d. Eliminate individual ownership of business, land , resources. Ownership creates wealth. Only the government can have wealth. Sustainability programs eliminate individualism for lies. As Gina Ma Carthy (EPA) said, We regulate. It doesn’t matter if the program does anything as long as we gain control.
Once a child hears this program (which is really communism) from the time they enter school until the time they leave, America is lost forever. A President Trump can give all control of education back to the states but if the curricula and methodology of education is not changed, nothing will change.
3. All School programs are reinforced by Hollywood, the media and GRANTS. We are living proof that the desired results, a dumb populace, insures legislator they have free reign to plunder. As one congressman put it, 'Voters are incredibly ignorant and know little about our form of government and how it works,' the anonymous Congressman writer claims.
'It's far easier than you think to manipulate a nation of naive, self-absorbed sheep who crave instant gratification.'
And the take-away message is one of resigned depression about how Congress sacrifices America's future on the altar of its collective ego. Read more.
4. Once government training is complete in school, and these bobble heads learn how to get elected by lying. The ignorant populace is fooled again. Read more.
School curricula and method of training is the common denominator. Every American at some time in their life has been involved in a school setting. The indoctrination can be seen today just by the make up of this election. Half the population will vote to give up freedom – after all if you don’t know what freedom is, then it is easy to give it up for the promise of free stuff. No one ever asks who is paying for this? No one cares. The population lives in the moment, no history, no thoughts of future consequences – never learned in school. Instead, they must live for today as long as I feel good, it must be good. Seniors, we have failed our one job: To leave the future generations better off than ourselves.
In order to feel good, we buy into the lies instead of questioning the results of the lies. Obama lies, Clinton lies. Obama destroyed what was left of America and Clinton will continue his failed policies. Clinton will continue with massive corruption, creating crushing policies, selling American assets to the highest bidder. She sold uranium mines to the Russians who now own 20% of America’s uranium. Clinton has no problem getting her connections of donors to do her bidding. If you call yourself a conservative and stay home this election, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.
Will anyone question or will they just vote the way they did in the past? The plunder of America’s resources will continue as long as Americans remain ignorant. Americans will remain ignorant as long as the curricula remains the same. Ignorant about:
1. unconstitutional treaties like UN Agenda 21 (Bush), NAFTA, GATT, TPP
2. use of the unconstitutional Endangered Species Act by withholding water from hundreds of farmers to favor a fish devastating the California farming industry endangering American produce, or
3. the unconstitutional Bureau of Land Management jailing and or killing ranchers in order to steal their property, or
4. NOAA determining that most American fish are off limits due to fictitious limits, or
5. EPA regulating coal out of business just because they can, or  
6. Dept of Interior refusing to give oil companies permits. 
7. DOJ Lynch making LGBT more important than the safety of American women and children. 
8. DHS determining that seniors and veterans are domestic terrorists
9. Governors selling land and businesses to foreign corporations who bring their own workers
10. The UN and foreign countries dictating laws to supersede the US Constitution.
 The list is vast and will continue to eliminate freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as long as Americans remain ignorant. So I ask you, if President Trump returns education back to the states and local communities, will you review the curricula and reinsert America, God and Family or will you think you have done your job, elected the fixer and do not have to pay attention? If not you who? If not now, when?


Pro-Brexit Movie Masterfully Exposes EU Horror Show

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

There are more than 100 European Union laws that govern pillows. Almost 500 EU laws cover towels. More than 65 EU laws deal with bathrooms. A “mere” 31 EU laws cover toothbrushes, while close to 50 govern toothpaste, and more than 170 deal with mirrors. And that is all just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the super-state's radical lawmaking. Yet, the people of Europe have no clue what those laws say, how they were made, by whom, or even for what purpose. More importantly, perhaps, they have no way of getting rid of the laws or those who usurped the power to make them.
But now, thanks to the “British Exit” (Brexit) referendum coming up on June 23, the British people have what may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secede from the out-of-control super-state that has taken over their lives. And the new film Brexit: The Movie, which highlighted the dizzying array of EU laws listed here, may be the best resource yet for explaining the necessity of restoring Britain's independence. Best of all, it is available for free.     
In a little more than an hour, the hard-hitting documentary gives a thorough overview of the many dangers posed by the EU. One commentator interviewed in the film compares EU membership with being shackled to a rotting corpse. The analogy is fitting in more ways than one. Another source interviewed in the film says, “The EU is turning into a dictatorship, and this is not overstating it.” And indeed, the movie makes a powerful case that a dangerous dictatorship is exactly what the EU is becoming.
The film does an especially great job of debunking the myths and fear-mongering being peddled by pro-EU apparatchiks in the establishment and beyond. A brief tour through Switzerland, which is by far Europe's most successful nation on every metric yet and which has fiercely resisted pressure to join the EU, drives the point home perfectly. Britain can regain its sovereignty, and at the same time benefit immensely as a result.   
“This is the most important voting decision that any of us is going to make in our lifetime,” says James Delingpole, a hilariously witty British journalist, in the film. “With general elections it doesn't really matter who you vote for, Conservative or Labor, because you know that in four years time you can change your mind. This time, you can't change your mind.” Numerous other entertaining and knowledgeable experts, journalists, economists, politicians, authors, and EU critics interviewed for the film explain why the people of Britain must seize the chance to regain their independence and their liberties.   
The documentary does a great job exposing the sinister underside of EU policymaking — it happens completely outside of public scrutiny, and is essentially impossible for citizens to stop. Among other clever strategies for illustrating that, the filmmakers show people on the street photographs of top EU bosses. “Do you recognize this man?” they ask. Of course, nobody does.
Other questions include ones asking passers-by whether they know the difference between the European Council, the Council of Europe, and the Council of the European Union. Obviously, the response from everyone is confusion at best. Essentially, the EU is an impenetrable morass of out-of-control bureaucracy. It is also a monster at odds with the fundamental principles of liberty and Western civilization. And the film makes that abundantly clear in a funny, entertaining, and powerful way.  
Even British lawmakers interviewed in the film admit they do not understand how the EU system works. One parliamentarian, David Davis, compares the EU's bureaucracy to a “priesthood that knows how it all works.” “The rest of us ordinary citizens don't know how it works,” he said, adding that it leads to a “massive transfer of power.”
And that is the point: The architects of the regime did not want everyday people to understand it. As journalist and author Janet Daley explains in the film, “It was devised so that the great mass of the people could not control government, ever again.” The implications of that fact alone ought to be more than enough to persuade people to rise up and vote for secession. But that's only the beginning.        
Another key element of the film is the highlighting of the economic destruction wrought on the British economy by EU laws and regulations. “Fortress Europe,” as the narrator refers to the super-state, has been a “calamity” to the European economy. That is backed up by great amounts of evidence.  
In particular, the movie shows how eurocrats in Brussels helped to crush the livelihoods of countless British fishermen, who for centuries have fished the waters of the British isles. Remarkably, the EU has even started paying British ex-fishermen with tax money to allow their boats to be destroyed. Also under threat because of the EU are British exporters in everything from candy to heavy manufacturing. With interviews of the EU's economic victims, the film does a magnificent job of putting a human face on the massive tragedy the EU has inflicted.
Eurocrats, by contrast, do quite well for themselves. Among other perks, the armies of faceless bureaucrats and other busybodies earn massively bloated salaries, absurd benefits, gargantuan “expense” accounts, and much more, living a life of luxury that the everyday taxpayers who fund it all could not even begin to contemplate.
The film gives a brief overview of these benefits, and suggests that it is one of the reasons why support for the EU is so fervent among the political and bureaucratic classes that benefit from the arrangements. Watching it all roll by on film, the parallels between the lifestyles and attitudes of the EU's ruling classes and those of the communist elite in China or the Soviet Union are hard to ignore.
Just as importantly, the eurocrats have become masters at strategically buying support for their machinations with other people's money. The EU “diverts great rivers of taxpayers' cash to the tax-consuming middle class intelligentsia in our sprawling publicly funded establishment,” the narrator of the film observes.
“The European Union is very good at purchasing the loyalty of powerful and articulate interests in all the member states,” says Daniel Hannan, a member of the European pseudo-“Parliament” with the U.K. Independence Party and a leading critic of the super-state. “What we see here is really a racket.” Numerous others echo those concerns.  
Indeed, massive amounts of taxpayer funding are showered on everything from museums and universities to lobbying groups and charities. That provides a built-in layer of support for the EU, of course, but is a huge burden on those unwittingly forced to fund it — not to mention inimical to the interests of everyday citizens.
Showcasing an EU-funded opera house in the Northeast Britain, for example, the film points out that for every one pound of EU funding returned to the area, taxpayers fork over almost 2.5 pounds to Brussels. In short, massive taxation without representation to fund propaganda and useless support-buying projects.            
The film also touches on Britain's history. Despite the successful uprising by American colonists against the British crown, it is true that Britain has been responsible for some of humanity's greatest advances in individual liberty. The Brexit movie highlights, among other examples, the world-famous Magna Carta. Also highlighted is the rise of the principle that the people must consent to taxes and government through elected representatives before they can be legitimate. Under the EU, over a thousand years of traditions in liberty and self-government pioneered by the Anglo-Saxon world are in mortal danger — at least on the British Isles.  
The Brexit film highlights another major potential danger emerging from the EU's machinations: the rise of totalitarian extremism, ranging from radical leftists and communists to racist and fascist forces that some of the film's interviewees mistakenly refer to as “far-right.” (Having collectivist tyranny such as fascism and socialism on opposite ends of a political spectrum makes no logical sense, as it leaves no place on the spectrum for liberty and limited government). In the documentary, footage of frightening fascist-style marches with Nazi-style symbols, uniforms, and torches overlaid with eerie music is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.    
If there can be any criticism of the film, it is that it does not properly explain the shadowy globalist establishment — the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg group, and other like-minded outfits — that has publicly boasted of its crucial role in foisting the super-state on Europeans. Without understanding the powers behind the EU, it is hard to understand the real agenda, and why it is so crucial that Europeans, and the British in particular, fight back. The film also provides no mention of the well-documented role of the U.S. government, via the CIA and other agencies, in imposing the scheme on Europeans. Nor is the deception that was used given its due.
Unfortunately, the film also relies heavily on the term “democracy,” a system of government America's Founders rejected as unstable mob rule that jeopardizes individual rights — God-given rights that the Founders believed should be protected by law under a republican form of government. The film could have instead used better terminology to describe what is really at stake: self-government, democratic accountability, the rule of law, decentralized power, individual liberty, and so on.
The movie also leaves out some of the more terrifying anti-democratic elements of the EU, including its ongoing efforts to build itself a military loyal only to Brussels that would enforce its decrees, beyond the control of the people. Such a force would be an extreme danger, yet the EU's efforts to usurp control of Britain's armed forces are not addressed.  
Still, despite those failings, the film does a masterful job of showing Britons and other Europeans why they must urgently and decisively reject the EU — at least if they hope to retain any semblance of liberty, nationhood, self-government, and prosperity. After seeing the devastating indictment of the EU, it is hard to imagine any argument that could persuade any logical person (who did not hate freedom and prosperity) that Britain should remain shackled to the totalitarian super-state. That means the film successfully accomplishes what its makers and funders set out to do: truthfully expose the EU in an entertaining, easy-to-understand way, such that the people of Britain will realize the necessity of secession.   
The film is a must-see for every European, whether they live in the United Kingdom or not. If enough Europeans see it, the EU will almost certainly collapse amid a public uprising. There is not enough tax-funded propaganda in the world that could prop up the autocratic super-state in the face of the truth so eloquently showcased in the film.
As the Obama administration and establishment Republicans in Congress attempt to shackle Americans to the EU super-state via the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), even the people of the United States should see it. The film would be an excellent warning of why America should avoid like the plague any entangling alliances with the regime in Brussels.
In short, Brexit: The Movie could be a very valuable tool for throwing a monkey wrench into the globalist agenda. And it's available for free on the Internet. Use it.
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Ivy League School Puts Dozens Of Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Across Campus

‘This Is About Public Signaling’

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Ahead of Yale’s commencement ceremony on Monday, the university announced the opening of more than 300 “gender neutral” restrooms for use on campus.
The Yale Office of LGBTQ Resources posted an interactive map on the university website to provide directions to the various locations on campus.
“Yale aims to be a leader on this front,” Tamar Gendler, dean of Yale’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences told the Associated Press. “Part of what is important about the all-gender bathroom project and about putting it at the top of our commencement site, is this is about public signaling.”
As previously reported, in 2013, the university announced that it was considering including sex change operations in Yale’s student insurance policy, and later approved the move. The school also now accommodates students’ requests to be referred to by their preferred pronouns, and includes their preferred name rather than their birth name on their diploma.
Yale also made headlines for presenting a four-day workshop called “Sex Weekend.” During one workshop, some students admitted experimenting with masochism or bestiality.
“People do engage in some of these activities that we believe only, for example, perverts engage in,” said event organizer Guilana Berry. “What the goal is, is to increase compassion for people who may engage in activities that are not what you would personally consider normal.”
Students also had an opportunity to submit discussion topics anonymously. According to a report in the Yale Daily News, a number of submissions related to “sexual fantasies involving family members.”
“At first, yes, the fact that so many people brought it up surprised me, but then I thought it might be more of a psychological thing we might all have,” said student Alex Saeedy. “I think that’s what the point of the workshop was — to bring up things we thought were so taboo, and desires or urges we criticize are just regular parts of sexual psychology.”
But other students decried the event, stating that the university should be ashamed that such material was being presented on campus.
Yale, like a number of historic universities, has Christian roots. Carrying the motto “Light and Truth,” Yale was founded as a college to train ministers and political leaders. A group of ten local pastors joined together to fill the university’s library, and Pastor Ezra Stiles, one of the school’s early presidents, required all freshmen to study Hebrew, so that they could read the Old Testament in its original language.
“All scholars shall live religious, godly and blameless lives according to the rules of God’s word, diligently reading the Scriptures…” read the requirements for students in 1745.
Jonathan Edwards, known for his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” went to Yale at age 13 and was ordained for the ministry in 1727.
Today, Yale Law School is considered one of the most prestigious legal institutions in the nation.




Changing the Uniform: Allyson Robinson & Danyelle Robinson
Galatians 1:8-"But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed."

Rev. Allyson Robinson: The Three Temptations of the Affirming Church

I am transgender: Allyson Robinson at TEDx Nightingale Bamford School
Published on Jun 1, 2014
As principal of her own boutique consulting firm, Warrior Poet Strategies, Allyson Robinson advises select clients in organizational design, change strategy, diversity management, and movement entrepreneurship. Previously, she led internal and external diversity initiatives at the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest LGBT civil rights organization, where she conceived, created, and launched the organization's social enterprise to train large organizations in diversity and inclusion. She later became the first transgender person to lead a national LGBT advocacy organization as executive director of OutServe-SLDN. In that role, she developed and coordinated the public vetting of Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel on LGBT issues, getting him to make a decisive, written commitment to equality prior to his confirmation. She has also served as an Army officer and an ordained Baptist pastor, studied at West Point, Oxford University, and Arizona State, and earned degrees in physics and theology. Allyson, her wife of 19 years, and their four children live in the Washington, D.C. suburbs.