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Nigel Farage speech in The United States 
about Brexit and Trump
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By Shirley Edwards

November 26, 2016
[These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years. Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.]
The announcement of Donald Trump as the new president of the United States has creating quite a lot of mixed reactions in the United Kingdom. There are of course those who really appreciate him and have celebrated with America; but for others it has incited a type of bewildered amusement, and also created some fear.
Based on the portrayal of a brash, confident, and very outspoken tycoon, with an extremely glamorous family: as though it were a crime to be successful, some of the British have completely missed some points. In the same vein that Ronald Reagan was ostracized for being an actor making it to the white house, there is a snobbery associated by some of the British that a character like Trump could have ever even made it.
They are confused why a man who has absolutely everything, and would be taking a step down, would want to be the president? Either he has egotistical plans for world domination, or he genuinely loves America and wants to restore it to the country it once was.
It has been somewhat embarrassingly painful to see just how much disrespect can be shown by our mainstream media and also by some of our politicians in comparison to the respect and adoration that has been attributed to his more scandalous counterparts, who have much more darker skeletons in their cupboards, and who we know have been working under an agenda to displace America, rather than make her whole.
Yet, if you have been watching closely, you cannot fail to see certain similarities taking place which are identical to the reactions which were expressed by a minority of people who voted to remain in the EU, now being replicated across the United States.
A certain confidence amidst what you would consider to be ordinary people, who voted to remain in the EU, reflected quite extreme behavior when their ‘absolute certainty’ was squashed. It didn’t quite get to rioting, or the burning of the flag, but the catchphrase of the well known grumpy British TV character, Victor Meldrew who continually cries “I Don’t Believe It” reverberated across the nation for many months after the Brexit results.
Any celebration that Brexit supporters may have wanted to participate in was most certainly deemed insensitive. There was instead an overall but very quiet joy whilst all of the attention was immediately reverberated back onto the very loud demonstrators, the tears, the tantrums, and the petitions to overthrow and overrule the majority of people who had voted to leave the EU after so many years.
Whilst psychologists likened this response to the four stages of grief experienced when some people loose a loved one, free counselling sessions were also being offered in South East London and Kent to NHS workers by Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust.
It is reported at the time that UKIP MEP Jane Collins said “the decision to offer counselling was ‘an insult to democracy and an insult to people who expect their NHS to be helping sick people”.
Despicable Me
Other similarities besides the acute shock which had been experienced by some of the Remain voters were the derogatory name-calling aimed towards those who wanted to leave the EU.
Older people, now over the age of fifty, those who were considered middle class and those on a low income were targeted as illiterate, unqualified and un-educated to know what they were doing, not only by very notable celebrities that some of the younger generation look up to, but also by the government.
It was threatened that Brexit supporters were also ruining the future for the younger generation; and also that they were considerably racist in bringing up the problems that are factually being experienced through mass immigration across Europe.
However, it was possibly the irony of watching the destruction of the younger generation over a period of years, and the pressure from living under a politically correct regime of being silenced upon every viable complaint or concern that was raised, that had actually tipped the ‘aged’ over the edge to vote.
The Despicable had become the Deplorable in a ruse to become the Dispatchable.
Flying Free
The UK counterpart of Donald Trump has of course been UKIP MEP Nigel Farage in terms of exposing the ploys of a global elite who have been busy building a one world order. He too has been a character that people have either liked or loathed. Farage is not as charismatic, but he is certainly on the same page.
It was on the eve of the 2010 election that Nigel Farage was almost physically dispatched to eternity when the small light aircraft he was flying in crashed to the ground and the UK almost lost one of it most colourful and outspoken politicians.
It was hailed as a miracle that he even survived the crash. I am very glad he did. Part of the course of ‘pain’, or near death experience, is that it sometimes gives you a renewed sense of life and a desire for the truth about mankind’s existence.
His relentless exposure of corrupt bureaucrats in the EU Parliament carried on and his understanding on the nature of freedom and mans need to govern himself, has been like a very vocal voice crying out from the wilderness to many. He confirmed what people were experiencing and witnessing from within college and workplace, and yet who were being confused, bullied and silenced into mass submission. He has carried this out without the usual fake sentiment or fake humility, but used factual points with his very own unique sense of humour and determination at times.
However, this most certainly does not sit him upon the throne of sainthood or mean he does not display some of the egotistical traits that all of mankind possesses. I understand his personal beliefs certainly might not line up with the Christian principles which are at the forefront in society today. Yet, he would most certainly stand up for the right to every voice being heard, and is vehemently against the silencing of speech, which has resulted in an extreme form of dictatorship to the detriment of many people in the UK today.
He writes: “It is a sad reflection of what remains of our culture that a sort of aesthetic ‘genetic fallacy’ makes certain subjects taboo even for discussion – so I am permitted to discuss the undoubted virtues of tobacco or the liberties of smokers because I am one myself, and only immigrants are permitted to have views on immigration. -Busman’s Holiday, Flying Free, Page 233
Indeed, it was his anti-immigration poster earlier this year that had him reported to the police for inciting racial hatred and breaking UK laws.
And of course, one of the main criticisms we have also heard towards Trump has been his pledge to provide security to Americans against illegal immigrants crossing over boarders which has also misleadingly been labelled racist.
Any objection to building a wall for security sake seems strange when on an individual basis we would never remove our own garden fences, come out of gated communities, take the locks off our doors, switch off the security system and never question a single soul who steps over our own front door.
Outside of genuine refugees and people who sincerely need our help, our countries are becoming populated with people who do not care about their host countries. The ideal view of us all being one is unrealistic in a world in which good and evil does exist.
Knowing who is who in a world that is upside down and back to back front means that it is not always easy to determine the pure motive or character of anyone. Looking through a psychological lens today does not always reveal the truth about what is at the core of someone’s intention.
What is interesting however is that it is this year, 2016, when people across Europe and America have heard the truth expressed much more vocally than at any other time, instigated by the most unlikely of characters, and this has injected some light and enthusiasm back into the world. There had been a starvation of seeing genuine truth and power expressed.
Power Struggles
When reflecting on the EU referendum and the Presidential election I realized that if the outcome was not good for either country, the need to remain focused on God, and upon that which was right still had to come first and is paramount in keeping sane in a world that has unleashed a great amount of evil.
When you don’t have that belief your house crumbles and panic sets in. You can become very despondent. It is very obvious that the only secure foundation we have is a home/body built on solid foundations.
Most people know that you have to return to spiritual principles to keep a country stable.
We do not know if the new president will return America to godly principles, but he most certainly made a very wise indication that he may be returning the bust of Winston Churchill to the White House, and that would be a most wonderful gesture.
He has also suggested that Nigel Farage would make a good British Ambassador to the United States. All of the people who voted to leave the EU would surely agree.
In typical fashion the disdain and ‘irrelevance’ displayed towards Donald Trump and Nigel Farage now being expressed by some British politicians in response to that particular suggestion is the same ‘irrelevance’ that was shown to the majority of people in the UK.
And people think Donald Trump is arrogant?
As Victor Meldrew would say, “I Don’t Believe it”…….
“The war goes on. The people are now aware of its nature. It is not a war between left win and right not between nationalist and internationalists. It is far more fundamental that that. It is the struggle between a formerly sovereign people and a coterie of professional politicians who have claimed sovereignty for themselves and wrested it from them by deceit and bribery” -Liars, Cheats and Frauds, Flying Free, Page 227